25 Things Sports Fans Were Obsessed with as Kids

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25 Things Sports Fans Were Obsessed with as Kids
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Oh, to be young again, when the postgame snacks once flowed like Yoo-hoo and life's biggest conquests revolved around throwing a perfect game in Bases Loaded

Welcome to a brief breakdown of years gone by, or, if you like, a digestible snack of nostalgia for you sports fans out there. 

We like to think that our interests have somehow matured since our Little League-hitting, peewee-tackling days, but, fortunately, a nostalgic look back at our early sports memories reveals we were just as ridiculous back then as we are now. 

As you will soon see, some things never change, because a trip to the court still features a moment to hone the H.O.R.S.E. skills. 

A few notes before we dive right in: This is but the ramblings and memories of one sports fan, hardly an exhaustive exercise—so feel free to offer your own in the comments section below. Also, being a '90s kid, you will notice that many of these things revolve around the world's greatest decade. 

Lastly, some of these items, if not most, do in fact transcend the sports world. Thankfully, that just means you didn't have to be a strict sports nerd to enjoy a good time. 

With that, let's leap into the figurative DeLorean and head back to a simpler time when obsessions were like fezzes—really quite cool.

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