Suns Loss a Warrior Gain?

John IntraterCorrespondent IApril 30, 2008

 The Phoenix Suns lost last night vs the mighty Spurs, in a game that ended their season and championship dreams. Immediately following, talks around the league were that Suns head coach, '04-'05 NBA Coach of the Year, Mike D'Antoni would not return to the team next season. 

While its all still speculation,  if Mike D'Antoni gets run out of Phoenix like reports are saying, wouldn't he be the perfect fit to coach the Warriors? I mean Don Nelson has one year—at most—left coaching the warriors, so why wouldn't we cut ties now while there's a perfect coach for our team out there?

I know D'Antoni never made it deep into the playoffs with the Suns but I don't think it's his fault entirely. Last year they got screwed with the absurd suspensions and this year they ran into Tim Duncan's final second 3 point shot in game one which set the tone for the rest of the series. 

I say that if Mike D'Antoni actually gets let go, the Warriors should do everything in their power to not let him get hired  for another gig like the NY or Chicago...or else we could be left with one more Don Nelson season and then we're back looking for a new coach and a new identity.