WWE Payback 2014: Titles Most Likely to Change Hands at Event

Sharon GlencrossContributor IMay 9, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

What titles can WWE fans expect to change hands at the Payback event next month?

Bad News Barrett won the intercontinental belt from Big E Langston at the Extreme Rules show this past Sunday. Could Langston end up winning the title back at the Allstate Arena on June 1?

If WWE is truly serious about Langston being a big name in the future, it has to book him to avenge his loss at some point in the near future. The company's stop-and-start approach to him isn't doing his career any favors whatsoever.

Credit: WWE.com

Judging by Monday's television, Daniel Bryan is likely headed for another showdown with Kane on June 1.

As scary as it sounds, could we see a title change?

There's a decent chance of it. WWE has been pushing Kane strongly in recent weeks. Are the bookers gearing him up for one last title run?

OK, so fans everywhere roll their eyes at Kane's wacky antics. The segment on Monday's Raw in which horror movie villain Kane chased a fleeing Bryan and Brie Bella in their car was almost laughably bad. But WWE clearly loves this type of stuff. Otherwise, it wouldn't keep returning to it.

Besides, Bryan won at Extreme Rules. It would be consistent with the company's "Even Stevens" booking style for him to lose the title to Kane at the next pay-per-view.

Jimmy and Jey Uso are the current WWE Tag Team champions. While the siblings have performed respectably in the role, they aren't having nearly as memorable a reign with the belts as Goldust/Cody Rhodes or Roman Reigns/Seth Rollins did.

Credit: WWE.com

Alas, the two are more used to appearing on little-watched 'B' show Superstars than they are on Raw these days. The booking hasn't done them any favors, but the duo simply seems to lack a certain something—call it X-factor—as champions.

It might be time to give someone else a run with the titles. Maybe Erick Rowan and Luke Harper could face and defeat Jimmy and Jey for the gold at Payback.

Credit: WWE.com

Not only would it boost The Wyatt Family's status and play into the "Wyatt Takeover" storyline currently happening on television, it would give the two men the chance to step out from Bray's shadow. They're both strong workers—it's time to give them a proper chance to shine.

Rybaxel, too, could also use the tag titles. There is potential in the team of Ryback and Curtis Axel, but the two just need the bookers to have some faith in them.

At Payback, WWE's creative team will have a chance to shake things up and revamp the tag team division. Let's hope they do it.