Evolution vs. The Shield Should Continue Through to SummerSlam

Aaron BowerFeatured ColumnistMay 9, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

When The Shield get involved in a feud in the WWE, the attention quickly turns to when it will all fall apart due to the group splitting up.

It's been this way for around a year now—people are constantly trying to determine when The Shield will split and who will initiate the turn and leave the other two behind. However, for around a year, those people who have predicted a split have been left relatively disappointed.

This latest rivalry has to rank as one of The Shield's best. Feuding against Evolution represents impressive progress in The Shield's quest to be at the top of the tree in the WWE. The fact Evolution reformed just to feud with the group suggests this struggle won't be ending any time soon.

The rivalry is so fresh and exciting that it shouldn't be dropped in the near future—in fact, the WWE should go with it through to SummerSlam and potentially beyond.

When you have two stables or factions fighting each other, it doesn't simply have to be six-man tag action all the way until the conclusion of the feud. The WWE needs to be smart and break it up, having singles matches and tag action to keep things interesting.

Triple H and Roman Reigns seem to have a particular level of hatred for each other that could be exploited via a singles match, especially when you consider how often Triple H is on the receiving end of a spear from Reigns.

That would be a great way to determine if Reigns is ready to make the leap from The Shield when they eventually split. Pulling off a good match with Triple H on a pay-per-view would be a huge indicator of Reigns' capabilities.

And the fact there could be a big swerve or two somewhere down the track means the rivalry could keep running and running. Think about it, with a heel turn for Sheamus in the offing, as reported by F4WOnline (h/t Marc Middleton of WrestlingInc) could he become aligned with Evolution if Batista leaves the company?

It would certainly make for an interesting subplot in the feud, especially given how Sheamus has just wrestled away the United States Championship from Dean Ambrose. That gives you yet another singles contest to have in and around the rivalry, and the fact it would be for a championship makes it even more impressive.

Seth Rollins is also more than capable of dragging out a rivalry with someone like Randy Orton; in fact, the prospect of seeing Rollins wrestle on his own is a mouthwatering prospect. Rollins has been seriously impressing in the last few months.

Dropping this rivalry at such an early stage would be criminal for the development of The Shield. This is without a doubt the most relevant and important rivalry they have been involved in, and it has really helped to cement their face turn in serious fashion.

If the WWE keeps mixing things up and keeps everyone guessing, this has the ability to be one of those rivalries that could run for months and months.