Cleveland Browns Fans Celebrate Johnny Manziel Pick Like There Is No Tomorrow

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterMay 9, 2014

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UPDATE: Friday, May 9 at 12:05 p.m. ET.

Johnny Football hysteria continues to sweep Cleveland. ESPN's Adam Schefter reports the team sold over 1,500 season tickets in 12 hours after drafting Manziel. 

Lindsay Jones of USA Today Sports reports that a small gathering was on hand when Manziel arrived at the team facilities in Berea, Ohio on Friday morning. They cheered "Super Bowl" among other things at their newly drafted quarterback.

Also, here's another wild reaction video from Thursday night. A man in an Eric Metcalf jersey went absolutely ape when his Browns selected Manziel.

Johnny Football fever is taking over Cleveland, everyone.

---End of Update---

It’s difficult to understate what last night meant to the city of Cleveland.

After watching its team trade down from the No. 4 pick and select Oklahoma State cornerback Justin Gilbert, many NFL fans—myself included—believed the Browns had Browns-ed themselves again.

The team that needed a prolific weapon under center appeared all but determined to avoid drafting one until the bottom third of the first round came about.

That’s when Cleveland made its move, brokering a swap with the Philadelphia Eagles and trading up to take Johnny Manziel with the 22nd overall pick. The selection turned a nation of disappointed Browns fans into a sea of madness, to put it lightly.

Barstool Sports spotted several videos of Browns fans reacting to Cleveland selecting Manziel.

First in line are Browns fans at an ESPN draft party. If you look close enough, you may see grown men crying.

Next up is a small gathering of the Dawg Pound in a living room. The Texas A&M quarterback hadn't been on the team for 60 seconds before they began throwing up Topszn fingers.  

Last we have the “Governor of Brohio” and his happy cabinet of couch dwellers. Roger Goodell barely got the words out of his mouth before the governor began throwing Drake fingers.

Which brings us to a pivotal question: Do any American sports fans deserve a bit of light in their lives more than Cleveland Browns fans?

Say what you will about Johnny Football, but I’m giving Cleveland its day in the sun. He may bust like a sad water balloon over the next few years, but for now, let there be joy in the hearts of Browns fans. Remember: Manziel is one of the few to deliver soundbites of hope to Cleveland this winter.

Per John McClain of the Houston Chronicle, this is the kid who said three months ago that he’s going to be the first Browns quarterback to bring a Lombardi Trophy to Cleveland.

“I don’t care if (the Browns have) had 20 starting quarterbacks since 1999,” Manziel said in February. I’m going to be the 21st and the guy that brought them the Super Bowl.”

With Brian Hoyer still recovering from an ACL injury, it’s likely Manziel will take the helm this year. He’s their ticket to glory—or at least increased national attention and jersey sales.

Bust or not, Johnny Football is going to pump hot, fresh life into Cleveland. Manziel is the biggest name to come to Cleveland since LeBron James, and if anything can make a Browns game tantalizing, it’s the prospect of watching this young man throwing to Josh Gordon.


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