Athletes You're Not Following on Social Media but Should Be

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Athletes You're Not Following on Social Media but Should Be
Rocky Widner/Getty Images

The rise of social-media apps as a popular way to stay in touch with friends and family, while also keeping tabs on those jerks that made high school just a little more wretched, is one of the defining elements of 21st-century life.

The concept of picking up a phone and giving a friend a call is positively passe, but broadcasting an unsolicited message about how much you hate airports to him and 2,000 other people—complete with high-definition video of the "hella crazy line at security"—is the new normal.

Social media flag bearers like Facebook and Twitter haven't just changed how we communicate. They've given tens of millions of people unprecedented access to the mundane, daily details of the rich, famous and powerful—including star athletes.
The reality is that access has its limits; with the shroud pulled away, it's become obvious that knowing what's actually on Jose Canseco's doesn't make those thoughts more clever or insightful. And for every top sports story broken via Twitter, there are a billion semicoherent ramblings about...nothing.
It's clear that not all social-media accounts are created equal in sports. If you cast a dragnet to keep tabs on your favorite athletes, your social-media feed is going to be a frustrating mess. 
These are the athletes you're not following on social media but should be.
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