Debate: Are You Happy with the Taylor Lewan Pick?

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Debate: Are You Happy with the Taylor Lewan Pick?
Craig Ruttle

With the Titans drafting Greg Robinson with the No. 11 pick in the NFL draft, are you happy with the pick?


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Yes! We have been so blessed with Roos over the years I feel Titans fans forget how important a left tackle is. We get a year to groom him and learn b...
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We should have waited til next year or later rounds to get a tackle. Should have either grabbed manziel or a corner. Irritating pick as a titans fan.
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Why use a high pick on a guy to sit on the bench. If you wanted him why sign Oher?? Mosley was right there and could help right now and they miss. ...
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Grabbed Manziel??? HUGE mistake. Corner? Titans have plenty of depth at corner. I realize you want a "flashy" pick, but they are building a team. It d...
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