WWE NXT Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from May 8

Erik Beaston@@ErikBeastonFeatured ColumnistMay 8, 2014

WWE NXT Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from May 8

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    Credit: WWE.com

    The NXT and Women's Championship pictures, as well as masked competitors, took center stage on this week's show.

    Charlotte continued her run to the top of NXT as she knocked off Emma thanks to well-timed interference from Sasha Banks. Alexa Bliss made her in-ring debut, scoring a huge upset over former Divas champion Alicia Fox to advance to the next round of the Women's Championship tournament.

    Kalisto and El Local took on the Legionnaires (Sylvester Lefort and Marcus Louis) in tag action as NXT continued to rebuild its tag team division. Kalisto impressed, and the masked luchadors scored a huge tag team victory.

    Captain Comic, a member of Adam Rose's Rosebuds, was less successful as he was soundly defeated by Camacho.

    Finally, the opportunity to take on NXT champion Adrian Neville was on the line as the majority of the roster competed in a Battle Royal. Sami Zayn, Tyler Breeze and Tyson Kidd fought to the bitter end, but all three were eliminated simultaneously, leaving the brand with a conundrum on its hands.

    What would Triple H do about the situation?

    Find out now.

Emma vs. Charlotte

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    The Women's Championship tournament takes center stage to kick off this week as Emma takes on Charlotte.

    Charlotte worked the head and neck with a leg scissors. Emma fought back, retrieved her female cobra Venemma (name courtesy of Renee Young) and delivered a knockout blow to Sasha Banks, who had attempted to interfere. This gave Charlotte an opening to roll Emma up and score the win.



    Charlotte, via pinfall, with Charlotte's Web rollup


    Highlights and Quotes

    "I think she should have been granted that."Jason Albert on the notion that Charlotte should have been given the women's title as a result of her win over Paige two weeks ago






    A competitive match between the experienced Emma and the surging Charlotte. Banks played a key role in the finish, and the commentators did an excellent job of putting over the possibility of the BFFs competing in the finals of the tournament.

    Charlotte looked good and is hitting her stride at the right time. She gets better with every passing week and her second-round match with the winner of Bliss and Fox should provide one final test for her before the finals, which she has to be considered a favorite to win.

Kalisto and El Local vs. the Legionnaires

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Marcus Louis and El Local started the match. 

    The Legionnaires dominated El Local early, isolating him from his partner and wearing him down in hopes of picking up an easy win.

    Kalisto made the hot tag and injected the tag match with a dose of energy and excitement. He scored the win for his team, pinning Sylvester Lefort and immediately throwing his team into tag team title contention.



    Kalisto and El Local, via pinfall, when Kalisto pinned Lefort


    Highlights and Quotes

    "Yeah, Wikipedia is a great source."Young on Albert's "nuggets" of information

    Renee Young speaking French. Because it was Renee Young speaking French.





    A very solid-though-basic wrestling match that served as the perfect showcase for Kalisto and El Local. The latter was the face-in-peril for the majority of the bout, and Kalisto proved to be significantly better than anyone he shared the ring with.

    A fun match that should go a long way in establishing the luchadors as contenders in a rebuilding tag team division.

Captain Comic vs. Camacho

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Captain Comic of the Rosebuds took on Camacho as Camacho's feud with Adam Rose continued this week.

    Camacho dismantled Captain Comic through the match. He cut off Comic's comeback attempts and insultingly slapped him around. 

    Camacho finished Comic with a running powerslam, as he continued to build momentum for an eventual showdown with Rose, who hit the ring following the bell.



    Camacho, via pinfall, following the running powerslam


    Highlights and Quotes

    "How can he get on the bus and I can't get on the bus."Albert on Comic

    "Nacho Libre!"NXT fans in reference to Captain Comic






    Not exactly a great match to showcase Camacho with. The second-generation star was motivated, but it was a largely uneventful squash that was more notable for the entertaining crowd chants than anything that went on between the ropes.

Alexa Bliss vs. Alicia Fox

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    Bliss made her debut, taking on the accomplished, former Divas champion Fox.

    She delivered a nasty-looking moonsault in which her knees landed on the chest and ribs of Fox. Alicia countered with a backbreaker that helped her take control of the contest. A Northern Lights suplex nearly won it for Alicia, but Bliss showed great resiliency in kicking out.

    Alexa reversed into a small package to score a huge upset win.



    Alexa Bliss, via pinfall, following a small package


    Highlights and Quotes

    "If you see her in the back, she's friends with everyone. When she gets in the ring, she will rip your head off."Albert on Fox

    "She's Tinker Bell. She's adorable. I love her."Young on Bliss






    A brisk, solid match that helped establish the underdog nature of Bliss.

    Alicia carried the match but sold the offense of Bliss and put her over in time for her to move on to the semifinal round of competition. Fox continued to be aggressive in her ring work, bloodying her opponent. It is an aspect of her work that has gone undervalued as of late as she tries to break through the pack on the main roster.

    Bliss is incredibly short but the crowd was into her act, and she could prove to be popular in the same way that underdog competitors such as Daniel Bryan have in the past. Especially if she continues to grow and evolve as a performer.

No. 1 Contender Battle Royal

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    Featured are the likes of Sami Zayn, Tyson Kidd, Brodus Clay, Mojo Rawley, Tyler Breeze and Bo Dallas.

    With a shot at the NXT Championship on the line, the top stars of WWE's developmental brand battled ferociously, tossing one another over the top rope in hopes of achieving the next step on their way to WWE.

    Mojo and Colin Cassady paired off in a battle of big men, while Dallas and Kidd renewed their rivalry from last week in the corner. Xavier Woods eliminated Camacho with a big clothesline but, at the same time, took himself over the top and to the floor.

    Baron Corbin eliminated Jason Jordan in a cool spot but was eliminated moments later by Dallas, who then eliminated Yoshi Tatsu.

    Kidd dumped Dallas to the delight of the NXT Universe, leaving Breeze, Kidd and Zayn to battle it out.

    As Breeze tried to eliminate both Zayn and Kidd, all three men tumbled to the floor, meaning there was no true winner.

    Triple H makes his way to ringside an announces a Triple Threat match between Breeze, Zayn and Kidd for next week's show in which the winner will face Neville at Takeover.



    No-contest due to triple elimination


    Highlights and Quotes

    "Sami Zayn does not want Bo Dallas in there."Albert, bringing back into play the feud between Zayn and Dallas from last year






    A very basic Battle Royal gave way to a tremendous final exchange between Zayn, Breeze and Kidd. Triple H received a big pop upon his entrance and played to the crowd before announcing his decision to have the three Superstars compete in a Triple Threat match next week.

    Either scenario gives the fans a fresh title match. Breeze would be the easy choice since he is the heel, but Kidd has been surging of late and Zayn is the most popular wrestler in NXT.

    Neville could work a very good match with any of them, but the best chance for a great match would be a showdown with Zayn.