WWE Should Add New Members to Evolution to Continue Stable's Staying Power

Tom ClarkFeatured ColumnistMay 9, 2014

Evolutioncredit: wwe.com

Evolution is currently warring with The Shield in WWE.  Triple H's reunited faction of Batista and former WWE World Heavyweight champion Randy Orton have been doing everything in their power to make an example of Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose.  They will apparently stop at nothing to prove that they are indeed the superior stable.

But if The Game hopes to keep his own personal Horsemen on the right track and going strong, then something will need to be done about its membership list.  

The truth is that sooner or later the issue of adding members to Evolution was bound to come up.  Many fans have likely already speculated on the possibility of it happening and with good reason.  That's because Evolution's current lineup is not without its concerns.

Randy Orton was Evolution's original golden boy, the man believed to be headed for great things due to not only his lineage but his ability in the ring.  He was young, determined and ready to conquer the world.

Triple H, Randy Orton and Ric Flair
Triple H, Randy Orton and Ric Flaircredit: wwe.com

Eleven years and 12 world championships later, Orton is firmly established as one of WWE's top hands.  His career potential has been fully realized, and he continues to be a major star in main event matches all over the world.

And since 2013, he has also been on what has to be considered one of his biggest heel runs to date.  As the man handpicked by Triple H to be the new face of WWE, Randy Orton was given the keys to the kingdom.  He became The Authority's chosen one, and he played his role to the fullest.

That role required his arrogance and his ego to be more out of control than ever.  With that being the case, exactly how long can he actually be expected to play nice with Evolution? Will the time come that he decides he no longer wants help and then goes back on his own?

Batista had perhaps even more potential than Orton did in the beginning.  This was thanks in large part to his impressive physique and his fire in the ring.  He just looked like the prototypical WWE Superstar, and the sky was the limit for him.

Triple H faces off with Batista
Triple H faces off with Batistacredit: wwe.com

He did not disappoint, as he went on to wear the WWE and World titles a total of six times. Batista was arguably the most popular Superstar during his initial break from the original Evolution, and he definitely had a very successful career in the company.

But the truth is that he left to work in Hollywood.  And even though he's back now, he will undoubtedly leave again at some point to promote his new Marvel movie Guardians of the Galaxy, which is due out this summer. Does that mean that his days in the newly reunited Evolution are numbered?

Then there's the man leading the charge, Triple H.  The Game's career is the stuff of legend as he has held every major title in WWE and is a 13-time world champion.  He has been at the very top of the industry and has done it all in the ring.

The corporate Game
The corporate Gamecredit: wwe.com

But his career has transitioned to that of the corporate level, and he now only occasionally wrestles.  At some point Hunter will pull back again, and when he does will Evolution be over? Or will WWE allow it to continue?

Therein lays the real question.  

Will the company decide that there is reason to keep Evolution going if plans change for the three current members?  When their rivalry with The Shield comes to an end, will Evolution then split apart or go in a new direction?

If it doesn't split, then more members would definitely need to be added to the mix.  It's the only real way to guarantee the faction's longevity, if that's what WWE wants.  But who would be a good fit?

If WWE adhered to the original concept of the group and followed the natural evolution of talent, then both Cesaro and Cody Rhodes would be excellent choices.  Each man has all the tools necessary to succeed on a very high level in the company.

Dolph Ziggler could also be included, as well as Titus O'Neil.  Dolph has had opportunities before but not quite on the level that Evolution could bring, and Titus has yet to really even come close to prime-time success in the company.  Triple H's group could be the ticket that either or both men could use to further their careers in WWE.

Or perhaps WWE would look to NXT for the next generation of Evolution.  After all, the company is investing a lot of time and effort into their developmental system; NXT is the future of WWE, and that future is happening now.

Of course, speculation surrounding a new Evolution could all be for nothing.  There is no guarantee that WWE would even be interested in pursuing the gimmick after the rivalry with The Shield is over.  And perhaps the notion that Evolution should be kept to Hunter, Batista and Orton will prevail in the end.

But if it does not, new blood will be needed if the company wants to move forward.  Evolution could become one of the most powerful factions in WWE once again and could have a lengthy run as a unit.

Whether or not that would actually happen is, of course, up for speculation.