2014 NFL Draft: Updated Order, TV Schedule and Day 1 Results

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2014 NFL Draft: Updated Order, TV Schedule and Day 1 Results

They say about baseball that it's the only sport in which you can succeed 30 percent of the time and be considered good. What's the threshold for mock drafting? Twenty percent? Ten percent? Five percent?

From the third pick on, almost everybody's draft projections went up in smoke. The Jacksonville Jaguars selected Blake Bortles, setting in motion what was an eventful night full of trades, steals and reaches.

In case you missed Thursday's first round of the 2014 NFL draft, you can see the full results below.

Round 1 Results
Pick Team Player
1 Houston Texans Jadeveon Clowney, DE
2 St. Louis Rams (from Washington Redskins) Greg Robinson, OT
3 Jacksonville Jaguars Blake Bortles, QB
4 Buffalo Bills (from Cleveland Browns) Sammy Watkins, WR
5 Oakland Raiders Khalil Mack, OLB
6 Atlanta Falcons Jake Matthews, OT
7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mike Evans, WR
8 Cleveland Browns (from Minnesota Vikings) Justin Gilbert, CB
9 Minnesota Vikings (from Buffalo Bills through Cleveland Browns Anthony Barr, OLB
10 Detroit Lions Eric Ebron, TE
11 Tennessee Titans Taylor Lewan, OT
12 New York Giants Odell Beckham, WR
13 St. Louis Rams Aaron Donald, DT
14 Chicago Bears Kyle Fuller, CB
15 Pittsburgh Steelers Ryan Shazier, OLB
16 Dallas Cowboys Zack Martin, OT/OG
17 Baltimore Ravens C.J. Mosley, ILB
18 New York Jets Calvin Pryor, FS
19 Miami Dolphins Ja'Wuan James, OT
20 New Orleans Saints (from Arizona Cardinals) Brandin Cooks, WR
21 Green Bay Packers Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, FS
22 Cleveland Browns (from Philadelphia Eagles) Johnny Manziel, QB
23 Kansas City Chiefs Dee Ford, DE
24 Cincinnati Bengals Darqueze Dennard, CB
25 San Diego Chargers Jason Verrett, CB
26 Philadelphia Eagles (from Indianapolis Colts through Cleveland Browns) Marcus Smith, DE/OLB
27 Arizona Cardinals (from New Orleans Saints) Deone Bucannon, SS
28 Carolina Panthers Kelvin Benjamin, WR
29 New England Patriots Dominique Easley, DT
30 San Francisco 49ers Jimmie Ward, SS
31 Denver Broncos Bradley Roby, CB
32 Minnesota Vikings (from Seattle Seahawks) Teddy Bridgewater, QB


Following the combine and pro days, some had predicted that Bortles would end up in Jacksonville. However, his stock has dropped somewhat since, while Khalil Mack's has risen. As a result, most expected that Mack would be the pick at No. 3 to Jacksonville instead of the UCF quarterback.

Jacksonville offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch has no doubt his team made the right choice, per ESPN's Chris Mortensen:

Plenty of analysts fell on both sides of the aisle about the selection:

Conversely, the quarterback who has spent the last few months getting completely dumped on by unnamed scouts and coaches was viewed as one of the biggest steals of the first round.

Teddy Bridgewater, once thought to be the top pick in the draft, fell all the way to No. 32 to the Minnesota Vikings, who traded back into the first round to draft the former Louisville star.

Taking Anthony Barr ninth overall may come back to bite Minnesota, but whatever points the Vikings get docked for that pick come back following the Bridgewater selection. Sports Illustrated's Stewart Mandel admitted he had no idea how the Cardinals QB dropped all the way to the end of the first round:

Bridgewater certainly has all of the tools you look for in a quarterback, between his strong arm, accurate throws and on-field IQ. Particularly impressive was his ability to stay in the pocket against the blitz last year:

Moving away from the quarterback position, the St. Louis Rams cleaned up in the first round. With two picks on Thursday, they had an opportunity to grab two impact players, and that's exactly what they did.

First came Auburn offensive tackle Greg Robinson at No. 2.

Eleven picks later, St. Louis went for Pittsburgh defensive tackle Aaron Donald.

Both Mortensen and CBS Sports' Pete Prisco were among the crowd to commend the Rams for the job they did:

Grabbing Robinson alone would've been enough to give the Rams an impressive draft haul. He's your prototypical road-grader who's become a tremendous run-blocker in Auburn's offense. His pass-blocking isn't quite there yet, but it will come along as he grows accustomed to a pro-style offense and playbook.

Robinson also ran a 4.92 40 at the combine, which is obscene for an offensive tackle, especially one who's 6'5" and 332 pounds. While Jake Matthews is the more NFL-ready player, Robinson's ceiling is much higher, so he fits in with the rebuilding Rams perfectly.

As if that wasn't enough, St. Louis added the best interior pass-rusher in the draft. Take a look at what the Rams could deploy in their front four:

You only need to look at Geno Atkins to understand how much a defensive tackle can disrupt an opponent's passing game. With Donald in the middle, St. Louis doesn't have to worry about sending an extra blitzer to get pressure on the quarterback.

Between Robert Quinn and Chris Long on the ends and Donald inside, the Rams have turned their defense into a major strength heading into 2014.

That's how quickly a team's fortunes can change. In the space of two picks, the St. Louis Rams have gone from somewhat an afterthought in the hyper-competitive NFC West to a possible contender next year or in 2015.

With six more rounds to go, the other 31 teams will be hoping to strike gold in much the same way.

Below you'll see the draft order for Rounds 2-7.

Round 2 Draft Order
Pick Team
33 Houston Texans
34 Washington Redskins
35 Cleveland Browns
36 Oakland Raiders
37 Atlanta Falcons
38 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
39 Jacksonville Jaguars
40 Seattle Seahawks (from Minnesota Vikings)
41 Buffalo Bills
42 Tennessee Titans
43 New York Giants
44 St. Louis Rams
45 Detroit Lions
46 Pittsburgh Steelers
47 Dallas Cowboys
48 Baltimore Ravens
49 New York Jets
50 Miami Dolphins
51 Chicago Bears
52 Arizona Cardinals
53 Green Bay Packers
54 Philadelphia Eagles
55 Cincinnati Bengals
56 San Francisco 49ers (from Kansas City Chiefs)
57 San Diego Chargers
58 New Orleans Saints
59 Indianapolis Colts
60 Carolina Panthers
61 San Francisco 49ers
62 New England Patriots
63 Denver Broncos
64 Seattle Seahawks


Round 3 Draft Order
Pick Team
65 Houston Texans
66 Washington Redskins
67 Oakland Raiders
68 Atlanta Falcons
69 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
70 Jacksonville Jaguars
71 Cleveland Browns
72 Minnesota Vikings
73 Buffalo Bills
74 New York Giants
75 St. Louis Rams
76 Detroit Lions
77 San Francisco 49ers (from Tennessee Titans)
78 Dallas Cowboys
79 Baltimore Ravens
80 New York Jets
81 Miami Dolphins
82 Chicago Bears
83 Philadelphia Eagles (from Cleveland Browns through Pittsburgh Steelers)
84 Arizona Cardinals
85 Green Bay Packers
86 Philadelphia Eagles
87 Kansas City Chiefs
88 Cincinnati Bengals
89 San Diego Chargers
90 Indianapolis Colts
91 Arizona Cardinals (from New Orleans Saints)
92 Carolina Panthers
93 New England Patriots
94 San Francisco 49ers
95 Denver Broncos
96 Minnesota Vikings (from Seattle Seahawks)
97 Pittsburgh Steelers (compensatory selection)
98 Green Bay Packers (compensatory selection)
99 Baltimore Ravens (compensatory selection)
100 San Francisco 49ers (compensatory selection)


Round 4 Draft Order
Pick Team
101 Houston Texans
102 Washington Redskins
103 Atlanta Falcons
104 New York Jets (from Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
105 Jacksonville Jaguars
106 Cleveland Browns
107 Oakland Raiders
108 Seattle Seahawks (from Minnesota Vikings)
109 Buffalo Bills
110 St. Louis Rams
111 Detroit Lions
112 Tennessee Titans
113 New York Giants
114 Jacksonville Jaguars (from Baltimore Ravens)
115 New York Jets
116 Miami Dolphins
117 Chicago Bears
118 Pittsburgh Steelers
119 Dallas Cowboys
120 Arizona Cardinals
121 Green Bay Packers
122 Philadelphia Eagles
123 Cincinnati Bengals
124 Kansas City Chiefs
125 San Diego Chargers
126 New Orleans Saints
127 Cleveland Browns (from Indianapolis Colts)
128 Carolina Panthers
129 San Francisco 49ers
130 New England Patriots
131 Denver Broncos
132 Seattle Seahawks
133 Detroit Lions (compensatory pick)
134 Baltimore Ravens (compensatory pick)
135 Houston Texans (compensatory pick)
136 Detroit Lions (compensatory pick)
137 New York Jets (compensatory pick)
138 Baltimore Ravens (compensatory pick)
139 Atlanta Falcons (compensatory pick)
140 New England Patriots (compensatory pick)


Round 5 Draft Order
Pick Team
141 Houston Texans
142 Washington Redskins
143 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
144 Jacksonville Jaguars
145 Minnesota Vikings (from Cleveland Browns)
146 Seattle Seahawks (from Oakland Raiders)
147 Atlanta Falcons
148 Minnesota Vikings
149 Buffalo Bills
150 St. Louis Rams (from Jacksonville Jaguars)
151 Tennessee Titans
152 New York Giants
153 St. Louis Rams
154 New York Jets
155 Miami Dolphins
156 Chicago Bears
157 Pittsburgh Steelers
158 Dallas Cowboys
159 Jacksonville Jaguars (from Baltimore Ravens)
160 Arizona Cardinals
161 Green Bay Packers
162 Philadelphia Eagles
163 Kansas City Chiefs
164 Cincinnati Bengals
165 San Diego Chargers
166 Indianapolis Colts
167 New Orleans Saints
168 Carolina Panthers
169 New Orleans Saints (from New England Patriots through Philadelphia Eagles)
170 San Francisco 49ers
171 Denver Broncos
172 Seattle Sehawks
173 Pittsburgh Steelers (compensatory selection)
174 New York Giants (compensatory selection)
175 Baltimore Ravens (compensatory selection)
176 Green Bay Packers (compensatory selection)


Round 6 Draft Order
Pick Team
177 Houston Texans
178 Washington Redskins
179 Jacksonville Jaguars
180 Cleveland Browns
181 Houston Texans (from Oakland Raiders)
182 Atlanta Falcons
183 Chicago Bears (from Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
184 Minnesota Vikings
185 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from Buffalo Bills)
186 Tennessee Titans
187 New York Giants
188 St. Louis Rams
189 Detroit Lions
190 Miami Dolphins
191 Chicago Bears
192 Pittsburgh Steelers
193 Kansas City Chiefs (from Dallas Cowboys)
194 Baltimore Ravens
195 New York Jets
196 Arizona Cardinals
197 Green Bay Packers
198 New England Patriots (from Philadelphia Eagles)
199 Cincinnati Bengals
200 Kansas City Chiefs
201 San Diego Chargers
202 New Orleans Saints
203 Indianapolis Colts
204 Carolina Panthers
205 Jacksonville Jaguars (from San Francisco 49ers)
206 New England Patriots
207 Denver Broncos
208 Seattle Seahawks
209 New York Jets (compensatory selection)
210 New York Jets (compensatory selection)
211 Houston Texans (compensatory selection)
212 Cincinnati Bengals (compensatory selection)
213 New York Jets (compensatory selection)
214 St. Louis Rams (compensatory selection)
215 Pittsburgh Steelers (compensatory selection)


Round 7 Draft Order
Pick Team
216 Houston Texans
217 Washington Redskins
218 Cleveland Browns
219 Oakland Raiders
220 Atlanta Falcons
221 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
222 Jacksonville Jaguars
223 Minnesota Vikings
224 Buffalo Bills
225 Carolina Panthers (from New York Giants)
226 St. Louis Rams
227 Detroit Lions
228 Tennesse Titans
229 Dallas Cowboys (from Chicago Bears)
230 Pittsburgh Steelers
231 Dallas Cowboys
232 Indianapolis Colts (from Baltimore Ravens)
233 New York Jets
234 Miami Dolphins
235 Oakland Raiders (from Arizona Cardinals)
236 Green Bay Packers
237 Philadelphia Eagles
238 Dallas Cowboys (from Kansas City Chiefs)
239 Cincinnati Bengals
240 San Diego Chargers
241 St. Louis Rams (from Indianapolis Colts)
242 San Francisco 49ers (from New Orleans Saints)
243 San Francisco 49ers (from Carolina Panthers)
244 New England Patriots
245 San Francisco 49ers
246 Denver Broncos
247 Oakland Raiders (from Seattle Seahawks)
248 Dallas Cowboys (compensatory pick)
249 St. Louis Rams (compensatory pick)
250 St. Louis Rams (compensatory pick)
251 Dallas Cowboys (compensatory pick)
252 Cincinnati Bengals (compensatory pick)
253 Arlanta Falcons (compensatory pick)
254 Dallas Cowboys (compensatory pick)
255 Atlanta Falcons (compensatory pick)
256 Houston Texans (compensatory pick)


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