Breaking Down Clemson's Trevion Thompson's Highlight Tape

Edwin WeathersbyAnalyst IMay 8, 2014

Breaking Down Clemson's Trevion Thompson's Highlight Tape

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    Credit: 247Sports

    Trevion Thompson is a 4-star receiver who signed with Clemson in February. At 6'3" and 188 pounds, the North Carolina native has a long frame and above-average speed.

    Thompson is a solid route-runner who can separate from defensive backs at junctions, plus he has excellent ball skills. The talented receiver should also be able to make a big play or two for the Tigers after the catch.

    A preview of what's to come from Thompson at Clemson is shown on his highlight tape.

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Play No. 1

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    Not much can be gathered at the bottom of Thompson's route on this play, as it starts after the snap. However, it's worth watching his burst up the field when the ball is in the air.

    He appears to be running a simple go-route, and he shows some acceleration up the perimeter when he sees the ball is in flight. That is a nice trait to have for a receiver.

Play No. 2

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    Edwin Weathersby II

    This is another play where it is impossible to evaluate Thompson's execution of his route, among other things. Yet his dependable hands and ball skills shine through. He snags the pass over his head with his mitts while coming down hard.

    It also gives a glimpse into Thompson's body control and ability to track throws with his eyes.

Play No. 3

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    Edwin Weathersby II

    The third play of Thompson's highlight tape is him returning a kickoff. He doesn't have the quick-twitch explosiveness of a punt returner, but Thompson's size and build-up speed could allow him excel as a kickoff returner.

    He does a solid job of recognizing threats before they get too close, while also weaving around them. The tall receiver shows solid speed when galloping down the field.

Play No. 4

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    Edwin Weathersby II

    Thompson lines up on the perimeter to catch a smoke-screen on this play. He stays disciplined with his eyes by looking the ball in before turning his focus to the defense, yet he appears to have a good feel for where his first threat is.

    He shows a good up-field transfer after the catch, even staying on his feet to run through an arm-tackle. At the end of the run, Thompson finishes with a little strength and power by delivering a blow to the defender.

Play No. 5

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    Edwin Weathersby II

    Here's a play that should be seen often in the future by Clemson fans.

    Thompson runs a back-shoulder fade route, and he does a good job of shielding the defender from the ball. The quarterback makes a solid throw to execute the route/play here, but watch Thompson track the ball well with his eyes.

    Also, note how he catches the ball cleanly with his hands.

Play No. 6

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    Edwin Weathersby II

    Thompson could have sold his route much better on this play. He doesn't drive his legs, plus he doesn't sink his hips to fire out of his cut on this come-back/stop-route.

    However, he attacks the ball with his mitts once again. Thompson transfers up the field quickly after the catch, and he shows solid speed to race to the end zone.

    Kipp Adams of 247Sports wrote on Jan. 23:

    Thompson has the size and strength to beat press coverage, and his aggressiveness to go up and win the jump-ball battle makes him a big-play threat as well. 

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