The Next Capel Begins His Career In Coaching

Doug BowmanContributor IJune 5, 2016

Jeff Capel was hired as head coach of VCU without any prior head coaching experience. He has parlayed that into the head coaching position at Oklahoma.

His brother, Jason, will have a little more experience if he ever gets a shot at running his own program.

Jason was a solid basketball player at the University of North Carolina, but could never make it in the NBA.

Last year, he could be found as an announcer on Raycom sports' coverage of ACC Basketball games. If you ever listened to him, you could clearly tell this wasn't what he was going to be doing for the rest of his life.

Fortunately for Raycom viewers and Capel himself, he has latched on as an assistant basketball coach at Appalachian State University.

If Capel shows any hint of the coaching ability that brother Jeff has, then this will be an outstanding hire for new ASU head coach Buzz Petersen.

He's already got a solid reputation in North Carolina from his playing days, which should allow him to be at least an average recruiter in the state from the get go.

Capel will be able to fall back on his brother for advice, and given enough success, could turn this job into another job—this time next to his brother at Oklahoma.

How long does that take? It's up to Jason. But Jeff had the head coach thing down within a few months.