Blake Bortles' Girlfriend Lindsey Duke Chilled with Kacie McDonnell in New York

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterMay 8, 2014

Image via @KacieFOX29

“Lindsey Duke and Kacie McDonnell embraced one another in New York, and then the Sun exploded.”

That is how mankind’s story should end: Two famous WAGs meeting at a high-end gala and the star that gives us life crumbling under the beauty of the moment.

This did not come to pass, however. The respective girlfriends of Blake Bortles and Aaron Murray came into contact, and the world continues to spin. 

According to Glenn McGraw of, the two women “stole the show” at Bar Americain in New York City on Wednesday night. The NFLPA event reportedly took over the venue for a predraft event, and the two women ended up posing for pictures. 

Now for the question on everyone’s mind: How much face time will Duke receive as she and Bortles wait for his name to be called at the NFL draft on Thursday night?

I’m putting the over/under at 10 minutes of total airtime, considering the buzz Duke has generated on the Internet over the last year. So far her Instagram account alone has accumulated over 53,000 followers. For what reason? It’s anyone’s guess.

NFL teams are even interested in hearing about Duke. Bortles told Dan Patrick this February that teams asked about his girlfriend during interviews at the 2014 NFL combine.

So yes, we have a Hurricane Webb brewing off the coast of the 2014 NFL draft, and her name is Lindsey Duke.

Will she rocket into superstardom like Katherine Webb did after the 2013 BCS title game? It’s anyone’s guess, but the smart money will probably take the over on gratuitous Duke coverage during the draft.

After all, fans deserve a reward for having to stare at Roger Goodell’s mug all night.


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