Retired UFC Fighter Chris Lytle in Negotiations to Box Roy Jones Jr.

Riley KontekFeatured ColumnistMay 7, 2014

AP Images

Chris Lytle is in talks to come out of retirement for a fight. No, not a UFC fight, but a fight in the squared circle against a legendary boxer.

According to UFC Tonight on Fox Sports 1, Lytle is in talks to return to combat sports in the form of boxing to take on Roy Jones Jr. This isn't the first time Jones has been linked to a fight with an MMA fighter, as talks of a bout between him and Anderson Silva were rumored not long ago.

Lytle, who owns a 13-1-1 record as a pro boxer, has not taken a professional boxing bout since June of 2005. Not only that, but the former UFC employee hasn't fought in MMA since 2011, when he won a retirement bout over Dan Hardy via submission.

Further than that, Lytle has focused on a political career, post-MMA, in his home state of Indiana. He still hits the gym, but it has not been as intense as it was when he was an active mixed martial artist.

As for Jones, the multiple-time world champion is past his prime, but has taken boxing bouts in the last few years. His latest bout saw him win the WBU Cruiserweight Championship when he took a unanimous decision over Frenchman Zine Eddine Benmakhlouf.

In between his boxing career, which has seen him run a record of 57-8 against high-level opposition, Jones has started a music career, among other entrepreneurial activities. He has not been nearly as active late in his career as he was earlier in his career.

A fight between the two could draw eyes, as it pits a highly popular boxer in Jones against an MMA fighter in Lytle. It has been an issue brought up many times, but not explored to this point.

The skill and speed of Jones, despite the fact that he is 45 years old, it still concerning for a guy like Lytle, who is used to fighting in MMA bouts. Still, fans would likely tune in with great interest to see these two square off.

Obviously, details are sketchy at this point, as they are only in the negotiation process. Stay tuned with Bleacher Report to see if any details do surface on this potential scrap.