WWE WTF: Sheamus' Nap, Sampson's Tweet and More

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What is Sheamus doing asleep behind a panel at Extreme Rules? What role were 3MB slated to play? And how does such a little guy draw so much heat?

Small-statured wrestler Short Sleeve Sampson managed to draw full-sized heat by tweeting out a picture that compromised the last remnants of kayfabe

Sampson's photo, which he posted on social media, showed on-camera opponents John Cena and Bray Wyatt going over their forthcoming match at Extreme Rules. The photo was quickly removed. His apology, ironically enough, was very long. 

Sheamus must have felt the Alexander Rusev match at Extreme Rules ran a little long as, according to live reports from PWInsider.com, he fell asleep during that contest. With Rusev virtually squashing both opponents in predictable fashion, who could blame him? 

3MB can blame Heath Slater for being unable to portray the three faces of Mick Foley. According to a tweet by The Hardcore Legend, it was his dream for 3MB to portray each of his colorful personae. Unfortunately, that was not to be due to a Heath Slater back injury. Now we'll never know what was to become of the Southern Rock and Sock Connection. 


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