A Power Struggle That FOTA Will Win!

PaulSenior Writer IJune 24, 2009

There are no questions about FOTA's ability to make a successful series, if they split with F1. Sure there are those opposed to FOTA, that will try and present a case for their failure if they try to split.

However the facts strongly suggest that not only would they succeed in a split but would bring about the demise of F1 in the process. So the first question a fan must ask, is how did things get to this point, that the worlds greatest series is in self destruct mode. Well the fact that FOTA even exists, suggest that there was a problem for some time. If we understand that problem, then maybe we can getter a better grasp of the situation.

Max Mosely is one of his ramblings yesterday, made a statement that has been heard so many times over the year. "Without the independent teams, the championship would depend entirely on the car manufacturers who, of course, have always come and gone as it suited them." So why did these teams leave F1, what was it that caused them to leave the best series for showcasing their brand.

The answer is clear and at the very heart of the problem we now face. Money, teams get tired of pouring money into a series, that does not yield a return for them while others are getting fat of the funds they generate. Getting Fat of F1 is an understatement, the management of the brand, have spent 30 years bleeding the sport.

Back then Bernie and his legal adviser Max Mosley, negotiated a lions share of the revenues for FOCA, from which came FOPA (Bernie himself, at least on paper). Who in turn ended up with the rights to negotiate all TV deals. What the little team did was empower Bernie, giving him absolute control. With best friend Max, the son of a pro Nazi and leader of the British Union of Fascists, guiding him. Bernie became a billionaire. Max had this to say about Bernie "Within about 20 minutes of [Ecclestone] turning up at the [GPCA] meeting, it was apparent that here was someone who knew how many beans made five and after about half an hour he moved round the table to sit next to me, and from then on he and I started operating as a team."

So the teams who made the sport, were spending money to make the sport bigger and helping Bernie and his associates get richer, while leaving them with nothing but a sour taste.

Today's teams, those that make this sport what it is have said enough, we spend the money, we want a fair share and more say over our own series. We do not want to be dictated to by a person who clearly has a conflict of interest and whose actions are destroying the sport that we have built.

These same teams that spend such vast amounts. are quite aware that if there was real profit sharing, that they would all be making a profit.

Now, the struggle is about Power and the money that comes with that power. Ask any promoter about his relationship with Bernie and his group, are they happy, do they make money, are the group reasonable? Ask any real driver which series they would rather drive for? Ask any sponsor, which side of the split, they will be on? Ask fans across the globe who they will watch? Ask the media, which the will choose to cover first.

While there will always be some that will side with the F1 series, the overwhelming response from all groups would come out in support of FOTA.

While F1 as we know it may legally be Bernie and his group, ask any follower of the sport and their reply is it is the teams, drivers and the history that they write that is F1.

There is rule that needs to be applied to this power struggle. It is called the "Golden Rule" , he who has the Gold rules. It is the teams that own the cars, sponsors, drivers, factories, technology.

In this power struggle the team with the gold is FOTA and they will win, with or without Bernie and Co.