Modern Family's Ty Burrell to Be 1st Celebrity to Participate in NFL Draft

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterMay 7, 2014

Ty Burrell, a cast member in
Chris Pizzello/Associated Press

The St. Louis Rams have a not-so-secret weapon headed into Thursday's NFL draft in the form of Ty Burrell, the actor who plays beloved character Phil Dunphy on Modern Family

My Fox Philly reports the 46-year-old will be along for the festivities Thursday evening, lending a hand for his favorite franchise: 

The NFL draft is getting a dose of Hollywood: 'Modern Family' star and St. Louis Rams fan Ty Burrell will participate in the first round of the draft with the team.

His main duty will be to hand the team jersey to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for the team's 13th pick. The league said Wednesday it's the first time a celebrity has taken part in the draft, which starts Thursday at Radio City Music Hall in New York City and runs until Saturday.

Things at Radio City Music Hall will be a bit more vibrant than years past—at least that's the hope. The NFL has decided to allow players to choose their own presentation music, lending a bit of style and flourish to the moment they walk up to shake Roger Goodell's hand.

As for the St. Louis Rams, the team owns the second and 13th pick in the first round. It is its second pick on the night that will also feature Burrell close by, holding a jersey to hand to one happy athlete. 

Burrell, a Rams fan, even has a nice credential to go along with some of his sports keepsakes, via the Rams' Twitter feed

The team also shared this image of the actor's time with the team last year: 

The team posted a video of Burrell's visit in November. At the time, the elated fan offered, "My parents and their parents were from Southern California and were huge Rams fans."

Burrell, who was born and raised in Oregon, continues that he remembered watching the Rams on TV once or twice a year and seeing how happy it made his father. 

That sounds like a subplot for an episode of Modern Family, a show that always has a way of passing on an ample dose of the feels at the end of the show. 

It seems some fans are on board for the cameo: 

Throw out the big board and mock drafts, because the only way to truly garner success is to take a page from Phil's-osophyany page will do. 

The important aspect of the draft, of course, remains the players and the teams picking from a stable of amazing talent. 

As we know, the rest of the show will center around theatrics, from the hilarious to the entirely captivating. We have to think Burrell fits in there rather nicely. 


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