Hornswoggle: The Greatest Little Person In WWE History

Ernie LanfordContributor IJune 24, 2009

I think the time has come; and it's long over due that someone, well anyone, rise to the occasion and make the statement that Hornswoggle is, without a shadow of a doubt, the greatest little person wrestler in WWE history.

Years ago, WWE, and wrestling as a whole, called it midget wrestling. Back then, you had the likes of Little Beaver and countless others. Who can forget that mixed tag match at Wrestlemania Three between King Kong Bundy and his midget team of Lord Littlebrook and Little Tokyo against Hillbilly Jim and his team of The Haiti Kid and Little Beaver, which might actually be the funniest and, probably, dirtiest midget wrestling names of all time.

After Wrestlemania Three it seemed midgets in wrestling had reached a peak in popularity. Then the 90s came and Doink the Clown introduced Dink. I even recall an event where there were 10 Dinks, or something. Of course, small people/midgets have been used in wrestling as a humiliation factor.

Who can forget when Shawn Michaels used a small person to portray Bret The Hitman Hart after the Montreal Screw Job on an editon of Monday Night Raw? That was one that Bret saw from his home following his departure from WWE. There was a mini Ken Shamrock once too.

It seems the WWE and wrestling always used small people for comic relief and nothing else. That all changed though when Hornswoggle came around. Sure, he has been heavily involved in comic relief, but he has also actually won major gold in WWE.

Not to mention, Hornswoggle was involved in the Vince McMahon illegitimate son angle, which is the biggest angle any small person has been involved in to date in wrestling history.

Hornswoggle is also the first small person to have been made into an action figure by WWE.

It also should be noted that Hornswoggle has been on either RAW or ECW now for over two years, longer then any tenure from any small person in WWE ever.

Did I metion this kid can wrestle? I mean seriously. He can out-wrestle Khali and some of the mid-card talent.

He's young too. I believe Hornswoggle is only 21 years old. I'm always hearing and reading article about how under-rated Randy Orton is. How about Hornswoggle?

I think the sky is the limit for Hornswoggle. Just when you think his popularity has peaked, he makes another comeback.

I think if anyone is due to be in WWE's next film project it should be Hornswoggle. How about a remake of the 90s cult horror film "The Leprechaun." If this were the 90s, Hornswoggle would be guest-hosting with "Rhonda Up all Night" on the USA Network.

I really can't say enough about Hornswoggle. I hope WWE continues to market and utilize him properly.

I think WWE should strike a deal with TLC and give him his own reality show of his life on the road as a wrestler and put his show on in between "Little People, Big World" and "The Little Couple."

I think another great idea is for WWE to allow Hornswoggle to guest star on "Jon and Kate Plus Eight," which I guess will soon be called "Kate Plus Eight," and have him move in with them for an episode and terrorize Kate and hide under the bed.

I'll even go one step further: Anyone who can do that is someone I look up to, even though in person I would be looking down at you.

I'm not embarrassed to say it but Hornswoggle is my hero. Plain and simple. He is an inspiration to young and old, tall and vertically-challenged alike. I may be in my 2000s, but I wear my Hornswoggle basics T-shirt with pride.

Here's to you "Mr. I hide under the ring and wear green all year long." You're small enough to dry hump the Divas' legs and it's still considered cute by them. Any midget who can get away with that, which is no small task, is pretty high up there in my books.

Next time you're in my town for WWE, I'd like to buy you a drink, then take you to the local aquarium, my treat, just to see your eyes light up and get big like that girl in that Visa Debit Card commercial when her dad takes her to an aquarium.