12 Awesome Trick Shot Fails

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterMay 8, 2014

12 Awesome Trick Shot Fails

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    You can't make a decent trick shot video without breaking a few egos—or nuts.

    This one goes out to all of you would-be trick shot artists proclaiming that you could totally produce a viral video if you really wanted to. 

    Well, this is how that kind of sausage is made. 

    Before you lay a few instances when best laid plans went awry, giving us some painful and sometimes hilarious trick shot bloopers. 

    We love to see other's misery, so feel free to chime in with one that might be missing in that magical comments section below.

Graeme Swann

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    There she goes. 

    The Daily Mail has a bit more on the time cricket player Graeme Swann tried his hand at a golf trick shot, losing a great deal of the club too.  

    The cricket star was enjoying a relaxing round of golf on a course in New Zealand when he was dared to try an outrageous trick shot.

    Fellow bowler Jimmy Anderson even lent him a custom made driver for the challenge - which was simply to thwack a golf ball off an enormous cliff into the sea.

    Swann sent the ball and the head of the club out into the sea, which we assume was a sacrifice to the trick-shot gods. 

    When you are a professional athlete, seeing a club destroyed is actually quite hilarious. Hey, better his club than ours. 

Stick to Rugby

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    Here is a video featuring both ends of the trick-shot spectrum. 

    A tip of the hat to CBS Sports for spotting this video that features Paul Barrington pulling off some awesome shots and the English rugby team failing hilariously in attempting the same. 

    If nothing else, we get to see Francesco Molinari pull off a decent Happy Gilmore. 

Iron Nuts

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    Chi-Chi Rodriguez is far more man than we will ever be, as evidenced by this painful video wherein he takes a shot to the most sensitive of regions. 

    It comes while shooting an episode of Golf Channel's reality program The Big Break. Rodriguez is trying to break the glass and instead nearly shatters something else. 

Dudes Not so Perfect

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    Dude Perfect has given the Internet countless trick-shot memories. From dropping a ridiculously long basketball shot to kicking around a football for our enjoyment, the guys have nearly done it all. 

    This video proves that the magic of editing can cut out some rather awesome bloopers. 

Right in the Kisser

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    We aren't quite sure what these two expected. We fully enjoy the twirling slam shot and fully plan to incorporate that the next time we are challenged at table tennis. 

    However, we might caution anyone across the room to cover their faces, because they may just get destroyed in a flurry of awesome. 

Slam Dunk

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    This is that rare fail that is actually way more impressive than any successful attempt ever could have been. 

    It all seems to take place at a Phoenix Suns game when a group of slam dunk artists bust out the trampoline to really dazzle the crowd. 

    This dunker had more power than he thought, and he is launched into the basket for two glorious points. 


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    If you abide by one rule, make it the following. You just might live longer: leave parkour to other people, because you might just find that an initial leap turns into a futile tumble to the ground—and an awfully quick one at that. 

Nailed It

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    Here's a nice moment uploaded to the Springfield College Women's Basketball team's Instagram feed, featuring a player trying to pull off a decent soccer move. 

    Humility, it seems, comes in a defeated heap on the ground. Thankfully, it seems like she was doing just fine—although we assume she ditched the hot dogging for the rest of the day. 

That's Just Mean

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    Audio is NSFW

    This doesn't feature anyone getting tattered in the nuts or falling to the ground. Hell, you can't even really call it a blooper. 

    However, it's most certainly a failed trick shot that yields a hilarious result, because the reaction on the shooter's face is, well, priceless. 


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    Image possibly NSFW.

    We understand that it sounds like a brilliant idea to have one of your buddies (possibly inebriated) smash a golf ball that is teed up in your mouth. 

    Seeing John Daly do the same might get the trick-shot juices flowing. 

    Just let this video of a bro getting impaled by a tee be all that you need to forget about that idea and watch some television like a normal American. 

Into the Drink

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    Video features NSFW language

    Staged? Possibly. Entertaining? Yep. 

    The video was enough to make Yahoo Sports' Shane Bacon think that it was authentic—if not fueled by some alcohol courage. Here is Bacon's beautiful breakdown: 

    I'll lay the groundwork for you here; one drunk guy, the one in the video with pink pants on, has hit a golf shot as close to a water hazard as possible. Now, drunk guy, the one in the pink pants, has decided to play the recovery shot left-handed. The drunk guy, the on in the pant pants, is however not left-handed, upping the level of difficulty of this here golf shot.

    To us, the tumble into the pond looks premeditated. However, sometimes it's best to just suspend disbelief and enjoy some classic slapstick humor. 

Good Luck Explaining This One

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    Ah, the ol' behind-the-back shot while sitting on the ground trick, we know you very well from playing H.O.R.S.E., old friend. 

    However, we always check to make sure it's clear before launching.