Samoa Joe Joins The Main Event Mafia, What's To Come After This.

Michael WollinCorrespondent IJune 24, 2009

At Slammaversary at the end of the "King Of The Mountain" match, we saw Samoa Joe turn his back on A.J. Styles, the fans, and TNA Wrestling. Or Did He...

Now, before this development he was on a path of destruction to destroy the Main Event Mafia and especially Kurt Angle. First off he destroys Kevin Nash in a Lethal Lockdown Rules Match and then Takes out Scott Steiner and Booker T in a First Blood match. So what made Joe change his mind and join the mem.

The next thing that has to be looked at is who was Joe listening too. Who was driving the car, who was behind the curtain, who was it. After Slammaversary, people will say Kurt. With a video being released today on TNA's Facebook, Taz will be making his debut. So could it be Taz.

Now if some of you old school ECW fans remember when Taz was ECW T.V. Champion, he had a feud with the Triple Threat especially Shane Douglas. During that time Taz attacked Shane and broke his arm.

After making those attacks, Taz did something unorthodox and wanted to join the Triple threat and when the rest of the Triple Threat bought into it Taz again attacked Shane doing more damage to his broken arm.

So with that said, is Taz the one mentoring Joe and is this apart of the plan with the nation of violence. All I know is this, when Taz makes his debut I think what I've said here will be the case and Joe is going to double-cross the mafia. 

Thanks for reading.