The Bash: How Will Everyone See It?.

brenton falknerContributor IJune 24, 2009

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 15:  Michelle McCool waves to the fans during WWE Smackdown at Acer Arena on June 15, 2008 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Gaye Gerard/Getty Images)

I've decided in seeing who will pick who in this article. Here you can vote on who you think you'll win and ill put up the percentages in a later article before The Bash. This will close 1 hour before The Bash.

The Great Khali vs Dolph Ziggler

These two have been fueding for the last month now ever since Ziggler made an open challenge to the smackdown roster. Ever since then The Punjabi Playboy accepted the challenge and has not been given a fair fight. Hopefully there wont be any DQ's because it would be great to see how Ziggler can go. Thats why i predict DOLPH ZIGGLER.

Michelle McCool vs Melina(c) for the Womens Championship

Ever since Michelle has gone badass, she has destroyed the whole smackdown roster who she believes was a culprit or was a threat to the Divas Championship she lost. Her target as of late has been Melina. The Womens Champ has had her good days and her bad days on since being on Smackdown and was last week attacked viciously by Michelle McCool. This should be good i guess but won last more than 10 mins. Thats why i predict another heel in MICHELLE MCCOOL to become the new Womens Champion.

John Cena vs The Miz

Finally we have not seen John Cena in the title race for the last two months now, and he now comes across the self proclaimed 7-0 in The Miz. Ever since being drafted to Raw The Miz has been proclaiming to the WWE universe that he will become a world champion and he would have to take out the big names to do so. The last 8 weeks we have seen The Miz win several forfeits against John Cena and it will finally hit The Miz at The Bash we comes up against him. I Predict a good match and that JOHN CENA will make it 7-1.

Legacy vs Carlito(c) and Primo Colon(c) for the World and WWE Tag Titles.

A Match where you obviously see who is going to win, but then the WWE is full of surprises. Then again Legacy are the future of the WWE and with Randy Orton as WWE Champion i cant go past LEGACY winning the WWE and World Tag Titles.

ECW Championship Scramble Match (Finlay vs Henry vs Dreamer(c) vs Christian vs Jack Swagger)

This is possibly the weirdest match of the night i reckon, 20 minutes of the 5 top ECW wrestlers trying to pin each other before 20 minutes is up. I rekcon there will be at least several pins but i rekcon Finlay we will be knocked out quick and same with Henry. If the WWE were smart they would let Dreamer retain but im going for an upset. I Predict JACK SWAGGER to become new ECW Champion.

Rey Mysterio vs Chris Jericho(c) Mask vs IC Title match

These two work really well together, im actually liking this fued at the moment hopefully they can bring John Morrison into the picture. But anyways Rey is pretty much wanting revenge on Jericho after he lost his title and his mask on the same night. Jericho has actually been extremely cocky as of late and i wouldn't be surprised if he can get the win. I Predict CHRIS JERICHO TO RETAIN THE IC TITLE

HHH vs Randy Orton(c) in a (Normal, Falls Count Anywhere and Stretcher Match) aka Best 2 out of 3 pinfalls for the WWE Championship.

HHH returned to Raw only 3 weeks ago after Orton injured new WWE Champion Batista earlier that night. Orton won a fatal 4 way match for the title fair and square by pinning the Big Show. HHH later that night won a 10 man battle royal to become no. 1 contender. Earlier this week on Raw Orton and HHH drew in a last man standing match for the wwe championship as none of the men stood standing. Now this will be determined in 3 matches for one championship. Thank you Vince McMahon for bringing this match back. But i predict RANDY ORTON to retain the WWE Championship.

Jeff Hardy vs CM Punk(c) for the World Heavyweight Title

Jeff Hardy had done..he finally defeated Edge to become WHC but wait.......CM Punk is cashing in the briefcase, GTS x2 1,2,3 CM PUNK has done it he is the new WHC. That's what happened at EXTREME RULES and Hardy is back with a vengeance. He finally rubbed winning his championship off Edge on his list and put CM Punk on the next thing to do. This match is going to be backwards and forwards all night and the way that the crowd has been reacting to CM Punk i dont know how this will end. I predict and i feel bad saying this CM PUNK TO RETAIN THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE.

Those are your matches so start predicting. Ill have the percentages and results up after The Bash.