Pablo Sandoval Does His Best to Protect Runner by Swinging Incredibly Late

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistMay 7, 2014


When a manager calls for a hit-and-run, the batter better swing the bat.

In the second inning of Tuesday's game between the San Francisco Giants and the Pittsburgh Pirates, Pablo Sandoval saved himself from getting a stern talking-to by swinging the bat with a runner in motion.

It was no ordinary swing, however.

Sandoval didn't swing at the pitch until Pirates catcher Tony Sanchez had already caught the ball and was ready to try to throw out the Giants' Brandon Belt at second base:

The umpire was ready to call the pitch a ball, but Sandoval's incredibly late swing led to the pitch being called a strike.

Belt wound up on third as the result of a poor throw by Sanchez. It turned out to be an important play for San Francisco, as Belt scored on a sacrifice fly two batters later to give the Giants their only run of the game.