Report: Former WWE Tag Team Champions Set for Split

Aaron BowerFeatured ColumnistMay 7, 2014


We've seen a pretty famous tag team split in the WWE in recent weeks, as Jack Swagger and Cesaro went their separate ways, leading to the demise of The Real Americans.

And it appears the trend of tag teams breaking up is set to continue in the coming weeks, as a pair of former Tag Team champions are about to implode and collide in a huge rivalry, PWInsider reports (via Lords of Pain):

"PWInsider has confirmed rumors of a planned feud between Cody Rhodes and Goldust, with Cody as the heel. The idea is to do a short program between the two."

This is pretty big news, as The Rhodes Brothers have been a pretty solid addition to the tag division over the last few months.

The night when they managed to triumph over adversity and win the WWE Tag Team Championships was the culmination of an excellent rivalry between the brothers and The Authority. Their father, Dusty Rhodes, also got involved in the feud, and it made for pretty entertaining stuff.

And even after they had won the belts, they continued to impress with their exciting brand of wrestling. They were superb champions and really added some energy to a tag division that, a few months prior to their formation, had fallen flat.

Unfortunately, things have gone a little bit stale of late. The fact The Usos are the champions means there is no serious avenue back into the title picture for The Rhodes Brothers—or at least until a heel team picks up the belts.

The split seems set to happen, and it looks like the WWE will go about it the right way. Cody is very much designed to be a heel in the future and will surely enjoy great success as a heel. A program with his brother would be a great way to put him over after months of working together as a babyface team.

The Rhodes Brothers will forever be remembered as a project that worked, without a doubt. Putting them together seemed strange at the time given Goldust's inactivity, but he has produced some of his best work in the latter years of his career.

However, the timing of this decision seems pretty smart, and it will add an interesting rivalry to a WWE card that can lack substance at times.