WWE Extreme Rules 2014: Craziest Spots from Latest PPV Event

Aaron BowerFeatured ColumnistMay 7, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

As the name suggests, the Extreme Rules pay-per-view often provides fans with plenty of extreme spots throughout the night.

Thankfully, the 2014 edition was no different, featuring some amazing moments to bring the fans to their feet. Whether it was supreme aerial ability, bizarre and surreal moments, or simply jaw-dropping moments that come from nowhere, the show had it all in terms of crazy spots.

As you would expect, the majority came from the clutch of WWE stars we would generally label as exciting and entertaining. Let's take a look at the craziest spots from Extreme Rules 2014.


The Bizarre Wyatt Child

John Cena and Bray Wyatt had a pretty decent match inside the steel cage at Extreme Rules, but the ending was a hugely bizarre moment.

When Bray Wyatt is in the ring and the lights go out, you can often expect some sort of dramatic twist. However, nobody expected what was coming at Extreme Rules.

The lights turned on again, and John Cena was staring a small child directly in the face. It was the kind of twist that keeps The Wyatt Family so intriguing and entertaining, and it enabled Bray to get the win.

Will we see the child again in the future? The fact that I can't really answer that question is what makes Bray so exciting.


Kane Plays with Fire

First of all, this match deserves an honorable mention in terms of another crazy spot. When Kane sent Bryan through the Extreme Rules set, causing the lights to go out, it was a moment that certainly got people motivated for the match. And it only continued to get more and more extreme.

The ending of the match was befitting of a pay-per-view called Extreme Rules. Matches of this type with Kane involved often bring fire into play, and this one was no different. Kane lit a table so it was ablaze at ringside before Bryan sent him flying through it in some style.

Credit: WWE.com

He had to be put out with fire extinguishers before stumbling back into the ring, leaving Bryan with the opportunity to pick up the win with his infamous running knee.

It was a pretty crazy moment and something you don't expect to see these days. In all honesty, it was a moment that recalled memories of the Attitude Era


Seth Rollins Defies Gravity

Seth Rollins continued to cement his growing reputation at Extreme Rules. He has become the most dynamic and entertaining member of the trio in recent months, and his ability inside the ring came to the fore once again.

His suicide dive over the top rope in the early stages of the match was impressive—and crazy—enough to make this article. However, what he did later was truly unbelievable.

Credit: WWE.com

Rollins was down after being beaten on by Triple H and Randy Orton. They had turned their attention to Dean Ambrose before an outrageous moment occurred.

From nowhere, Rollins leaped off a balcony in the middle of the fans to take out Triple H, Orton and Ambrose.

If anyone had any doubt about Rollins' ability before Extreme Rules, they will have left that pay-per-view fully aware of just how exciting he is. Hopefully, we will see plenty more in the future.