Sammy Watkins Plans to Drop Money on Mom After NFL Draft

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterMay 7, 2014

TMZ Sports

What’s Sammy Watkins buying with his first NFL check? 

If you guessed “new car for mom,” you’re a veteran in this game.

According to TMZ, the Clemson wide receiver says he plans to buy his mother a new ride after signing his first NFL contract. A reporter from the website caught up with Watkins outside a New York hotel on Tuesday. The projected first-round draft pick was more than happy to talk about his future plans.

“Probably get my mom something nice,” Watkins said. “A nice car. But not…nothing crazy.”

Watkins answered questions about the possibility of mooching friends coming out of the woodwork once he signs his deal. He said he’s not concerned.

“I got a tight family,” Watkins said. “I don’t have too many friends. It’s all level.” 

Watkins is far from the first NFL player with plans to purchase his mom a new car after entering the league. Other players in this draft have already beaten him to the punch.

According to Mike Singer of Eye On Football, Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater was nine years old when he promised to buy his mother a new car with his first NFL paycheck—a promise the first-round prospect fulfilled this week.

Young men like Watkins and Bridgewater will take a big leap on Thursday, but that doesn’t mean they plan to leave their former life behind. Watkins says he plans to return to Clemson next summer so he can finish his Communications degree.

“I’ll go back every summer,” Watkins said, smiling. “I love Clemson.”

Watkins also said he plans to continue playing fantasy football this fall, which raises a question: Do you have to draft yourself if you’re an NFL player? When do you pull the trigger on you?

These are the least of Watkins’ worries. He’s more concerned about taking care of business and looking out for his family. It’s time for Sammy to make the leap into the big leagues, and it all starts with the most obvious step: Giving back to those who helped you make it this far.


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