Baron Corbin, KENTA and Latest WWE NXT Developmental News

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterMay 7, 2014

Baron Corbin, KENTA and Latest WWE NXT Developmental News

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    Baron Corbin (real name: Tom Pestock) from his NFL days
    Baron Corbin (real name: Tom Pestock) from his NFL daysHandout/Getty Images

    Baron Corbin fans have reason to smile, as he's taken a small step toward the WWE main roster, but it's KENTA's fanbase that should be most ecstatic, as he is reportedly on his way to NXT.

    Although it may just be the company shuffling his bench, Corbin was one of two NXT talents asked to join the major leaguers during this week's tapings. KENTA's long-rumored move from Pro Wrestling Noah to WWE may come true by the end of the month.

    In other WWE developmental news, prospects are worried that they will be released, the buzz about Prince Devitt making his way to Vince McMahon's team won't die, and NXT is considering changes to how it tapes its episodes.

Positive Sign for Two Prospects

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    Sami Zayn, Adrian Neville and other top NXT stars most often get talked about as the next wrestlers to make the main roster. Baron Corbin doesn't get in that discussion often. Still, WWE picked out him and Jason Jordan for a recent opportunity.

    PWInsider, via Wrestling Inc, reports, "Jason Jordan and Baron Corbin are being brought in for Extreme Rules and this week's WWE TV tapings."

    This isn't as big a deal as working dark matches and wrestling main roster Superstars on NXT, but it's a sign of how WWE views these guys. Being on the "just in case" list is a step up from not making it to NXT TV all that often.

Prospects Nervous About More Releases

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    Angelo Dawkins battles Sami Zayn.
    Angelo Dawkins battles Sami Zayn.Credit:

    Last week, WWE thinned its NXT talent pool. Mason Ryan confirmed on Twitter that he was among the prospects that the company let go. Those cuts apparently have some folks looking over their shoulder.

    According to F4WOnline, via Wrestling Inc, "There are reportedly many WWE developmental talents that are worried about getting released."

    Someone like Tyler Breeze who is featured on NTX TV probably has nothing to worry about. Those prospects near the bottom of the totem pole, though, have good reason to be nervous.

    New talent is coming into Full Sail University often. The influx has to lead to exits. Angelo Dawkins, Travis Tyler and Wesley Blake are not consistently on TV and have yet to get the NXT crowds behind them.

    Those are the kinds of wrestlers who will be next to go. 

Potential Change to Taping Schedule

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    NXT used to be an underappreciated that show that got little attention outside of WWE diehards. That is changing after word of the show's quality has spread and following the birth of the WWE Network.

    The recent increase in popularity is likely leading to a change.

    F4WOnline, via Wrestling Inc, reports that "WWE officials have been talking about making the NXT TV tapings at Full Sail University bi-weekly instead of monthly so the last episode of the taping isn't a month old by the time it airs."

    As the report points out, this will make it easier to keep continuity. Earlier this year, Kassius Ohno appeared on NXT after word of his release got out. A tighter schedule would help avoid that kind of situation.

    This is a shift that makes sense and won't be difficult to implement. It's not as if the promotion will be going live every week. 

Update of Prince Devitt to WWE

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    Prince Devitt and Sting have battled for most rumors regarding signing with WWE. Recent buzz about Devitt, though, had faded recently.

    Fans shouldn't give up yet, though.

    F4WOnline, via Wrestle Zone, reports, "Devitt is done with New Japan Pro Wrestling and still has a standing offer from WWE. It's said Devitt joining the company is not yet a 'dead issue.'" How slow this is all developing is a sign that it may not happen at all. The high-flyer may be hesitant to sign if he thinks he'll be stuck in developmental for a long time, or that he'll become a comedy character.

    Unless he joins TNA or goes back to NJPW, however, word of him possibly going to WWE isn't going to stop. Fans are going to keep hoping the exciting talent joins the roster until it's definitive that he is or isn't coming.

KENTA Reportedly Coming to WWE/NXT

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    There is secrecy surrounding KENTA's next steps, but some folks think he'll be taking those in a WWE ring.

    F4WOnline, via Wrestle Zone, reports the following:

    According to, word coming out of Japan is that KENTA is indeed heading to WWE, however the official announcement has not been made yet by WWE or KENTA. There are those in WWE under the impression that KENTA has signed a deal, however the announcement will likely not be made until KENTA officially finishes up with Pro Wrestling NOAH on May 17th.

    It's hard to get too excited because fans have been burned by false info before. Expect fans of both Pro Wrestling Noah and WWE to mark May 17 on their calendars as the day they can either get pumped or officially be let down.

    The hard-hitting Japanese star seems like an odd fit for WWE. His style relies on stiff kicks to the head, and he comes from the Japanese world of wrestling, which is far less character-based.

    Still, an athlete of his caliber (who has worked with Daniel Bryan in the past) would be an intriguing addition.