Look Out ECW, The Hurricane Has Returned

Alex BrooksCorrespondent IJune 23, 2009

I am glad to report that the WWE has, finally, brought back the Hurricane. 

The Hurricane was teased for a return two weeks ago, after saving a ECW crew member from a falling light, an event that I had also reported on.

The Hurricane made his triumphant return, once again, saving another ECW crew member who was being crushed by a fallen box.

Gregory Helms was interviewing Mark Henry when the incident occurred, and when the camera panned back to the interview from the incident Helms had disappeared. The camera looked back at the incident as the guy was being saved by the Hurricane, and with a resounding woosh, he was gone. Coincidentally, Gregory Helms reappeared to end the interview.

This will finally shed some light on what was a bleak ECW. ECW isn't watched anywhere near as much as Raw or Smackdown; and with the return of the Hurricane, ECW will gain more viewership because they brought back a personality from the Attitude Era.

The Hurricane will, most likely, be inserted into the thick of the ECW Championship race for Night of Champions as an innocent voice among the wreckage of the rivalries of those involved in the Scramble match. Hurricane will probably create balance and will be able to shift wrestlers like Christian, Tommy Dreamer, and Finlay away from the borderline between heel and face.