Brett Favre To Report To Vikings Training Camp, Dig In Vikings Fans

Dan BasilContributor IOctober 29, 2016

Tuesday, June 23rd, Mark Rosen, a Sportscaster for CBS affiliate WCCO TV breaks a story stating that the deal is done with Favre and the Vikings. Rosen claims to have a source on the inside and sited the Equipment Manager as having already ordered number 4 jerseys with his (Favre's) name on them.


How many moments over the last 16 years have Minnesota Vikings fans said to themselves "man, I wish we had a QB like that" ? Well, fans of the purple, according to Mr. Rosen at WCCO, your day has finally come! Enjoy it, get ready for it, and take good notes for your grandchildren. Because this season at the Metrodome, will be one for the ages.


As for the Green bay Packers fans, we send you the olive branch. You may drive over the border and join us as we turn back the hands of time for the NFC North and take this season all-the-way to the Superbowl!


Our thanks to the Wilf family, for believing in Minnesota! You're from New York, but you've got some Minnesota in you. Thanks to Brad Childress, for putting up with our relentless fans and media, we love you baby! And most of all, thank you Brett Favre, for doing the right thing and positioning your Hall Of Fame career legacy right in the lap of your once nemesis. This season will heal all the bad thoughts we've had about you for all of these years (not to mention the jealous green envy we've harbored towards our wonderful neighbors to the East).


Stay tuned...