Terrible Questions Pour in During Roger Goodell's #AskCommish Twitter Q&A

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistMay 6, 2014

USA Today

National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell hosted a question-and-answer session on Twitter Tuesday, and, as one could predict, some users had a hard time taking it seriously.

Fans were able to alert Goodell to questions on Twitter by including "#AskCommish" in their tweets. Some fans took this opportunity to ask insightful questions, but when you have a chance to ask the NFL commissioner any question, you might as well see if he will respond.

Goodell didn't answer too many silly queries, but he did reply to this: 

This next one isn't really a question, but point taken:

Check out some of the best questions that Goodell didn't answer:

Goodell gave his thoughts on the ridiculous inquisitions: