Detroit Teacher May Hold Amazing Record for Blindfolded Free Throws Hit in Hour

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While it will take some time for Paul Sauers to get an official word from Guinness, we like to think his record-setting mark for hitting free throws blindfolded is truly and officially amazing. 

MLive's Jared Purcell (h/t Sports Illustrated) reports the 52-year-old teacher from Detroit Frederick Douglass High School managed a remarkable 483 free throws while blindfolded, which just might be a world record. 

The only caveat before truly celebrating is Sauers hasn't quite received an official notice that he holds something rather rare.

Although, the teacher isn't the least bit worried: "I'm certainly not waiting with bated breath. There's no reason why it won't go through. When you actually sign up to set a record, they give you a long list of things that you need to do. I've worked those things to a tee."

According to the report, Guinness gave Sauers an initial mark of 150 baskets made to set the record, an expectation the teacher shattered early in the attempt. 

Purcell writes that the record was more about helping others than worldwide acclaim: 

Sauers made the record attempt in an effort to help raise money for a mission trip he will be taking in August, where he plans to be a headmaster at a school for two years in Uganda. He will be there as a part of the Rafiki Foundation's efforts to help improve lives for African's throughout 10 countries on the continent.

Sauers will be in the Rafiki Village that are set up in Uganda, where many orphaned children are taken care of and given various learning and life opportunities.

Thanks to some creativity, a keen sense of shooting while blind and the help of others, Sauers managed to raise $1,500 on the March 28 event. 

Now, Sports Illustrated's Ben Sin does note this possibly record-setting event may have been painful for those around: "While hitting 483 free throws, roughly a eight per minute, while blindfolded is amazing, what’s more amazing is that multiple people were willing to play ball boy and fetch rebounds for a solid hour."

Michael Walters, who is labeled on MLive as Sauers' friend and colleague, did have this to say on helping the cause:

At the moment he started, it was thrilling. At the moment of hitting the 150-mark ... That was exciting. At the end, when he was getting up into the 400's, those might have been exciting but the rest of the time in between was like watching paint dry.

Something that sets this performance apart from others is the actual need for others to help in the attempt. As Sauers continues, this record may just be a family affair: 

My youngest son is 11 (Caleb), he was helping to rebound," Sauers said. "My middle son (Ben), who is graduating from college this year was the one who was feeding me basketballs. My oldest son (Michael), who is a teacher himself in Fort Wayne, he was the one standing behind me telling me what happened on each shot.

Sauers certainly has a fantastic support system, one that is more than happy to hang around for an hour and fetch rebounds and help send their friend and father on his way to help others. 

With a confident teacher beaming in a record-breaking afterglow, we have to think it's just a matter of time before we can all call this an officially remarkable performance. 

Regardless, Sauers is feeling the effects of the record-breaking bug, because he is thinking about fashioning some new records, perhaps one demanding one hand behind his back. 

After seeing this video, we can't help but think he has the talent, desire and, most importantly, support to make that happen. 

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