Analyzing Best Challengers for Bad News Barrett's Intercontinental Title

Aaron BowerFeatured ColumnistMay 6, 2014


Bad News Barrett crowned a remarkable few weeks at Extreme Rules, as he triumphed over Big E to become the Intercontinental champion once again.

Go back a few months, and you could hardly have imagined a scenario where the Englishman was holding gold in the WWE. However, the WWE have invested some faith in the Bad News Barrett gimmick, and it has well and truly been rewarded.

However, attention will now quickly turn towards the men who could step up to challenge Barrett—and there are certainly plenty out there, given the state of the WWE roster. Excluding Big E, let's take a look at some men who could challenge Barrett.


Rob Van Dam

Rob Van Dam is in the early stages of his latest run with the WWE, and his first pay-per-view showing was a bit bizarre, to say the least.

Throwing him in the middle of a feud between Cesaro and Jack Swagger was quite unusual, and it felt like Van Dam was being wasted, in all honesty.

So what better way to give him a boost with the WWE than a shot at the Intercontinental Championship? After all, there is an obvious storyline there—Barrett beat Van Dam in the final of the tournament to determine who would face Big E at Extreme Rules.

It would be a nice rivalry, as well, after Barrett's great run inside the ring of late.


Adam Rose

He made his debut on our screens the night after Extreme Rules, and it seems like big things are planned for Adam Rose.

Although he came out and caused a few problems for Jack Swagger on Raw, that doesn't mean he couldn't turn his attentions toward Bad News Barrett and the Intercontinental Championship.

He seems like a lively, energetic character—anyone who has seen NXT will be able to confirm that, after all.

It would certainly be an outside choice—but the WWE have made plenty of those in the past that turned out to be roaring successes. Why not Adam Rose?


Dolph Ziggler

The WWE desperately need to do something with Dolph Ziggler. The reaction he gets from the crowd is on a par with some of the top stars the company has—he is clearly a guy who is well liked.

Pushing him in a similar way to Bad News Barrett and throwing him into the Intercontinental Championship picture would be a great way to start another push for Ziggler.

He would make a credible champion, and the two men in question seem to have enough popularity to make the Intercontinental Championship pretty interesting again.

Out of all the men stranded in the middle of the card, you get the feeling Ziggler's problems have to be addressed above everyone else's.