NFL Week One Recap: Patriots, Moss Set the Pace

Mark ScacewaterAnalyst ISeptember 12, 2007

IconFrom Randy Moss reemerging as a force to be reckoned with to Roy Williams designating teammate Calvin Johnson as "Megatron," there was plenty to talk about in Week One of the NFL season.

And that was before the New England Patriots gave us "Videogate."

Quick hitters from around the league:


1. Charlie Frye goes from starter to third string...ON A NEW TEAM.

It only took a quarter for the woeful Cleveland Browns to decide that Frye wasn't their man. They shipped him to Seattle on Tuesday, for the pittance of a sixth-round pick.

The trade made little sense other than insofar as it paved the way for Brady Quinn to start sooner rather than later. Everyone knows former Oregon State interception machine Derek Anderson won't be starting for long.


Icon2. Rookie WR Calvin Johnson catches a TD (a bad first-game omen if Charles Rogers is any indication) and the Lions WIN!

I watched the game—and the Lions actually looked good. Granted, it was against the Raiders...but Oakland looked pretty decent too. After the loss, the Raiders finally locked up QB JaMarcus Russell with the richest rookie contract in NFL history.


3. Randy Moss and the Patriots fly high and crush the Jets.

Tom Brady had a field day, hooking up with new targets Moss and Wes Welker on TD passes. Signal-stealing aside, New England looked invincible.


4. Jack Del Rio's shocking decision to cut Byron Leftwich doesn't pay off.

East Carolina product David Garrard struggled in a Jags loss. I like Garrard as a QB, but I don't like the hiring of a fired Arizona State coach to run the offense...


5. The Chiefs may be drafting number one next season...Brohm or Brennan?

KC looked dreadful in Week One, and LJ will be gang-tackled all season so long as KC has no vertical passing attack.


6. Rex "I'm a mental basket-case" Grossman struggles (understatement) in a loss to the Chargers.

Last season, I was one of those who agreed that Rex should continue to start so long as the Bears were winning. But...he's not getting any better, and it's time for a change.


Looking ahead to Week Two, all eyes will be on the Patriots and Chargers. Can the Pats focus while the Commish strips them of draft picks and imposes fines and suspensions? How long can Moss keep his head on straight?

If the Pats stay healthy, and if the controversy blows over, I don't see a loss in their future.