Pau Gasol Deserves L.A.

Jon FrancisCorrespondent IApril 29, 2008

As much as I hate to say it. I am glad that Pau Gasol is in L.A.

Bear in mind that this comes from a Grizzlies fan. The truth is, Pau just never really fit in Memphis.

Yeah, he did have a few good seasons with the Grizz, but he never really reached his full potential, which we are now starting to see in L.A. 

At the beginning of the season, with new coaching in Memphis and a different approach towards the game, Pau really didn't fit and it was only due to his abilities on offense that he was able to put up any numbers at all. Memphis was basically not making great use of him. In addition to this, Memphis fans never really loved Pau. Yes, he was the leader of the team but towards the end of his time in Memphis, you could tell that he felt very unwelcome. Since Pau was the best player and leader of the team, he shouldered most of the expectations and was the target of blame when times were bad, which has been the case of the entire two last seasons in Memphis.

Now that Pau is in L.A., Mr. Bryant is the unquestionable leader and Pau is not entirely the focus of attention as he was back on Beale Street. Also, it seems as though L.A. fans are a little more accepting of Pau and his game.

As far as actual basketball is concerned, Pau fits better in the Lakers' use of the "Triangle" offense. This style really utilizes Pau's shooting skills and his ability to finish with both hands around the rim. Let's face it, Pau really wasn't going anywhere in Memphis, but now, since he is playing for a contender, he has a chance to really show off his true talent and assist the Lakers in possibly making a title run.