Stephen Curry Should be Washington Wizards' Draft Pick

ROB YOUNG SRContributor IJune 23, 2009

6 Feb 1999: Owner Abe Pollin of the Washington Wizards talks to the crowd during the game against the Washington Wizards at the MCI Center in Washington,D.C. The Wizards defeated the Raptors 98-97. Mandatory Credit: Ezra O. Shaw  /Allsport

In about 48 hours the Washington Wizards will make a decision that will affect the future of the franchise in more ways than one. Owner Abe Pollin would really like to get that ellusive championship trophy one more time before gives up control of the franchise.

It's not due to a lack of desire or commitment, but father time is tapping Pollin on the shoulder and the time is coming. The question is, will General Manager Ernie Grunfeld be shooting for the all-in move to try and get Pollin that trophy A.S.A.P., or will he be in the mindset that realistically this team is a season or two and a few solid contributors away from contending?

So will they move to solidify the future of the franchise? I hereby cast my vote for the future. Not that I would have anything against winning one for Pollin, but not at the expense of having to wait an extra four or five seasons to complete a rebuild.

So here's my offering to the suggestion box. Stephen Curry is just what the Wizards need right now.

One reason is Curry is the perfect bargaining chip; there are quite a few teams clamoring for this kid all who pick after the Wizards. Grunfeld is said to desire a solid veteran who can contribute immediately, while also wanting to dump the contracts of Etan Thomas and Mike James. Curry would be the perfect trade bait.

Secondly, I think Curry would be a solid addition for this franchise. He's smart, he has an NBA pedigree, and he's a marksman with the ball in his hands.

Just imagine Gilbert Arenas with a point guard who can penetrate, pass, and bury the three, almost eliminating the double teams on Arenas. This would prevent some of the wear and tear on Gilbert's knee.

Don't get me wrong, I know this team needs rebounding and defense badly, but the addition of Curry brings another dimension to this team.

So with the fifth pick in the NBA Draft, the Washington Wizards take ... Stephen Curry!