Do It for the Vine: Our Favorite Sports Vines of the Year so Far

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterMay 6, 2014

Do It for the Vine: Our Favorite Sports Vines of the Year so Far

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    This one goes out to all the sports fans with extremely short attention spans. 

    If you happen to like the truly amazing resting right up next to the rather hilarious, you have come to the right place. Here is just a brief breakdown on some of the best Vine videos posted so far in 2014. 

    Try as we might, we can't claim to be omniscient, so help us out with any Vine videos that should have been included. 

    Other than that, enjoy videos that range from the rather adorable to the truly astonishing. 

Dakari Johnson

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    SportsGrid's Matt Rudnitsky spotted this Vine of what might be the worst golf swing known to man. It's almost like Kentucky's Dakari Johnson is trying to motivate the ball down the driving range with kind words. 

    Just smack that thing. 

Great Seats to the Damian Lillard Show

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    Spotted by Deadspin, this video features Damian Lillard's epic buzzer-beating shot that finished off the Houston Rockets. It also serves to illustrate just how amazing it must be to sit courtside at an NBA game. 

    We have seen this shot so often it tends to lose just a bit of the sparkle. However, seeing it from this vantage point only serves to heighten what might be the best shot of these NBA playoffs. 

Sydney Leroux

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    Sydney Leroux is an amazing soccer player and accomplished athlete. If we might be so bold, we would assume she is able to walk without just falling over from sudden onset gravity. 

    However, it seems she does have issues when she is trying to emulate fictional golfers. 

Troy Aikman

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    Deadspin's Timothy Burke compiled a few image of Troy Aikman's more nuanced facial expressions and tossed them together for a rather delicious concoction. 

    The result is immature, stupid and exactly what we need to put a smile on our face. 

Baby Broken off

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    Video contains NSFW language. 

    Not sure what this baby was thinking, but her plight is the Internet's party. 

    This Vine was featured in such places as Total Pro Sports, Deadspin, SB Nation and more. 

    And let's give it up to the basketball maestro who managed such amazing moves while also wearing sandals with socks on—that's just some amazing athleticism. 

    Now let this be a warning to other toddlers out on the playground. Come with it strong or just stay in the stroller. 


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    The Vine account Fight Club seems to cull a great deal of fight videos for followers' benefit. This particular video features a cocktail of knockouts. 

    The first rule of Fight Club, it seems, is to show off all the excellent videos you have. 


Blake Bath

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    As you might recall, Blake Griffin's frustration once caused an impromptu bath for a nearby Warriors fan. Too bad it wasn't the good kind of Gatorade bath that comes with winning a championship. 

    As SportsGrid illustrates, it is, however, the kind that garners Internet fame. So there is that. 


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    Ladies and gentleman, remember to practice proper form when LeBroning. Named after LeBron James and his penchant for flopping, the maneuver is as simple as diving to the ground upon the slightest of touches. 

    Funny, when I was a kid this was called Vlade Divac-ing. 


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    As Deadspin noted, this is a dog running around in a football uniform. You are quite welcome. 

And Like That, He Was Gone

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    Your eyes do not deceive you, because that is a very large man running very quickly off the blocks at a race. Deadspin's Tom Ley explains: 

    Freddie Booth-Lloyd is a 6-foot-1, 300 lbs. defensive lineman from Cocoa, Fla., who will be playing football for Temple University next year. For now, though, he's also a member of his high school's track and field team. This is what it looks like when he runs the second leg of the 4 x 100. 

    Essentially, you have a mountain of a man running far quicker than athletes who train tirelessly at merely track. It's almost unfair, but the good, very entertaining kind of unfair. 

Ice Trampoline

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    Spotted by Deadspin, this video runs the razor's edge of the sports world. We decided to include it because jumping on a trampoline takes some kind of effort. Right?

    The real reason is we can't help but enjoy the sight and sound of very thin ice exploding on contact. We really don't want to admit to how many times we have watched this though. 


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    Unfortunately, we couldn't find a great deal of background information on this particular video. Still, we like to think that will hardly deter you from enjoying what is one martial arts master going Matrix on some targets. 

Swaggy P

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    The Big Lead spotted this video of the Lakers resident volume shooter Nick Young tossing out the first pitch at a Dodgers game. 

    We don't know what's better, the fact that Young's confusion leads to an awkward dance before releasing an air ball or that the video comes from the Lakers official Vine

    Let's call it a tie. 


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    As you recall from a few slides ago (stay with us folks, we are almost done), Blake Griffin tossed some water on an unsuspecting fan. 

    Michelle Beadle went the obvious route and started her own meme, which is just a really clever way to drench colleagues. 

Olympic Snack

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    SB Nation spotted this Vine, which serves as a delightful glimpse behind the scenes at the Sochi Winter Olympics. 

    The video features Travis Gerrits who was apparently hungry, so he decided to eat one whole skier to sate his hunger. Funny, this is essentially how we throw back burritos. 

Kobe Magic

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    Finally, we bring you Kobe Bryant who provides, in just a few short seconds, far more entertainment than any Lakers game the whole season. 

    The clever illusion from Nike Football's Vine account is nice and all, but turning around that franchise would be a real magic trick.