Floyd Mayweather Next Fight: Ideal Opponents for Money After Defeating Maidana

Sean ODonnellContributor IIIMay 5, 2014

Floyd Mayweather Jr. celebrates his WBC-WBA welterweight title boxing fight victory over Marcos Maidana Saturday, May 3, 2014, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/Eric Jamison)
Eric Jamison/Associated Press

After defeating Marcos Maidana by majority decision on Saturday night at MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Floyd Mayweather's unblemished record moved to 46-0.

Although it wasn't an overwhelmingly impressive win for the pound-for-pound king, it was a win nonetheless.

At 37 years of age, Mayweather is certainly in the twilight of his career—which showed during his sluggish start against Maidana. Money may not have too many fights left in him, so picking his next opponent wisely is crucial.

Mayeather's next fight will be in September, as he continues to fulfill his six-fight contract with Showtime.

The timing of his next fight already eliminates one possible opponent—Amir Khan.

According to Jeff Powell of the Daily Mail, Khan said he will not fight Mayweather in September due to a conflict with Ramadan:

I can't be ready for that date. Ramadan doesn't finish until the end of July and I would need three months in training camp after that to prepare for a fight of this magnitude. The earliest I can be back in the ring after my fight here is late October or early November and that will have to be against another opponent.

With Khan out of the mix, let's take a look at other possible opponents for Mayweather in September.


Marcos Maidana

Isaac Brekken/Associated Press

A rematch against Maidana may be the most plausible option here.

Maidana and Mayweather put together a fantastic fight on Saturday—to the surprise of many.

Despite El Chino coming in as a huge underdog, his rough, jagged and somewhat chaotic style of fighting proved problematic for Money.

Maidana certainly proved himself to be a worthy opponent and is absolutely deserving of a rematch.

Mayweather already spoke of giving him the opportunity, according to a tweet from Gary Parrish of CBS Sports:

Maidana is more than ready, giving a blatant response, via a tweet from David Mayo of MLive.com:

Could "The Moment II" be in store? It's a strong possibility.


Danny Garcia

Ricardo Arduengo/Associated Press

Part of the Golden Boy label, Garcia could very well be Mayeather's choice for his September bout.

Garcia is another undefeated fighter, going 28-0 with 16 knockouts, but the draw for Mayweather here could be his size.

At 140 pounds, Garcia is a far smaller opponent than Maidana. After Money was knocked around the ring for a good portion of Saturday's fight, it's conceivable he will want to fight a smaller opponent next.

According to Brett Okamoto of ESPN.com, Garcia was open to fighting Mayweather when he was asked last year.

Garcia stated, "You know, I really don't know. At the end of the day, I'm just a fighter. I come to fight with heart and I give the fans what they want. If Golden Boy and [adviser] Al Haymon want it, I'll do it. It is what it is."


Peter Quillin

Luis M. Alvarez/Associated Press

This is simply an easy fight to put together.

Quillin is with Golden Boy and Al Haymon, making a potential fight rather easy to produce. Adding to these fighter's similarities, Quillin and Mayweather share the same hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The reigning WBO middleweight champion, Quillin is a heavier opponent than the aforementioned Garcia; however, with a 31-0 record, he's another unbeaten fighter Mayweather would love to take down.

According to David Mayo of MLive.com, Quillin would jump at the chance to fight Mayweather. Said Quillin, "He's the one that's in control of a lot of things. He's the one on the A-side. I'm not the type of person that's just like, 'Oh, I want to fight this guy.' But if he wants to fight me, why would I say no?"

Quillin's last fight came in a win against Lukas Konecny on April 19, giving him a perfect time frame to fight again in September.