TNA Knockouts: The Phoenix Has Risen

Steven DavisonCorrespondent IJune 23, 2009

So here we are half way through 2009, we've had recession, war and seen a new president elected. But in this article I'm going to be discussing something more important; the current state of affairs concerning the TNA Knockouts division.

Through 2009 we have seen; a new champion, new forces enter and old forces leave. But for on my hit list is Sunday nights; Slammiversary pay - per view and firstly the less than impressive Knockouts championship match. In my four years of watching TNA have I wanted to have skipped a womens match on any card. But last night was the night that I contemplated skipping, either way I couldn't win. I would have hated completely if Victoria had won as it would have shown that TNA just sign ex - WWE talent and give them a title instantly. However the other way I would have (and did) lost is that Angelina Love won, granted she along with Velvet Sky are excellent mouth pieces and ooze charisma in terms of promo's. But for me she doesn't have the skill to back up her words and that showed through last nigh, even the skill and experience of Tara couldn't drag the match up. However the Impact! before was a shining light of the knockouts division, with the confrontation between the monster Kong and the newcomer Tara. This feud (if or when it happens) could be the feud to take that division right back up to the day of the Kong/Kim era.

On to the monsters ball...WOW! Is all I have to say, both women seemed to put their all into the match. It started with an awesome few minutes of Abyss and Wilde dominating and the highlight was Taylor using Abyss as a spring board for an axe handle. Then later on in the match the table spot, if I'm not mistaken it was my second or third table spot I've ever seen (other two were by The Dudleys back in the day) and that was great. But the highlight of the match and my mark out moment of the PPV came at the (to quote Daffney) "Slamathumbtackery" spot. Wow! Coming into this match and it being on paper, I thought it would have been the men carrying the match but the women stole the show. Great all around match.

Another high moment of the year was hearing about the superb dark match between Kong and "Future Legend" Cheerleader Melissa. This is great news as from a previous article I predicted that Melissa would drop the Saeed gimmick by the end of the year. Hopefully this is one of the first steps on this road. However as with most things TNA does to annoy me, theu will not release the match on Youtube. Sadly we'll have to wait for that one.

So, this leaves me with my mid year predictions:

  • Cheerleader Melissa will drop the Saeed gimmick in TNA by 2010
  • Kong will win the championship again in 2009
  • There will be a triple threat match for the knockouts title between Kong, Tara and Love.

- Steven D