Daniel Bryan vs. Kane Rivalry Must End Following Extreme Rules

Aaron Bower@@aaronbowerFeatured ColumnistMay 5, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

Daniel Bryan and Kane's battle at Extreme Rules was arguably one of the more hastily arranged championship matches in recent years—but in all honesty, the match delivered.

Both men put on an exciting spectacle for the fans watching all across the world, and the rivalry actually came through well after a good few weeks of promotion.

When it was announced that Kane was going to be the challenger for Bryan at the show, many scratched their heads at the decision. However, Kane's demonic side came to the fore as it did back in the Attitude Era—and we actually had a pretty good feud, albeit a short one.

But as good as the match was at Extreme Rules, the curtain now needs to be lowered on Bryan vs. Kane. Although the WWE has obviously left the door open by the way Kane sat up during the final moments of the show, it needs to be snuffed out immediately.

First and foremost, Kane is not a main event guy by any stretch of the imagination. There are plenty of young, fresh guys lower down the card who would be better in the limelight than a man who has been there and done that.

Guys like Cesaro, for example. If you are looking for challengers for Bryan who are out of the ordinary—think Randy Orton and Triple H—then the Swiss star would be a great choice instead of dragging up another match against Kane.

Even if the WWE were to turn someone like Sheamus heel, you feel he would be a better alternative than another Bryan vs. Kane match.

And with no disrespect intended to Kane, Bryan is simply too good to be tussling with him once again. Whilst The Shield vs. Evolution may well continue heading out of Extreme Rules, there are better men out there to take on Bryan.

The WWE has a champion on their hands who could realistically carry the company for the next few years. Having his first few championship defences against a man who has been wearing a suit and tie for the last six months makes little sense moving forward.

There is a huge raft of guys operating in the middle of the card who could make the step up and challenge Bryan. Going into Payback with Daniel Bryan vs. Kane once again would be a disaster for the WWE.