Mayweather vs. Maidana Results: Projecting Next Fight for Each Boxer in 2014

Tom SunderlandFeatured ColumnistMay 5, 2014

Marcos Maidana, left, is sent to his corner by referee Tony Weeks, center, after accidentally head butting Floyd Mayweather Jr. in their WBC-WBA welterweight title boxing fight Saturday, May 3, 2014, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/Isaac Brekken)
Isaac Brekken/Associated Press

Floyd Mayweather's majority decision victory over Marcos Maidana on Saturday evening had a rare effect in boosting the reputations of both winner and loser, such was the quality of both competitors in Las Vegas.

The MGM Grand laid out a feast of entertainment, 12 rounds of back-and-forth action that deservedly unearthed "Money" as its champion, but Maidana can also expect to move forth from here with big future prospects in mind.

Boxing is a never-ending chain of events in the understanding that as soon as one bout is done and dusted, the question immediately is "what's next?"

Here, we'll consider the most likely options for both fighters later on this year. 


Floyd Mayweather: Peter Quillin

Luis M. Alvarez/Associated Press

Amir Khan has been champing at the bit to get his chance against Mayweather, but with Ramadan coming to its end too close to September, it won't be happening in 2014.

However, Money has a fellow Grand Rapids native in the shape of Peter Quillin, who David Mayo of quotes as saying he'd be thoroughly up for fighting his hometown's hero:

I mean, I never would have thought, growing up in the gym in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and actually now getting to the point where they mention me fighting a guy like him. It's crazy just to hear that. Back in the day, running the streets, of course, with all the hate you get at home, they're like, 'You should fight that guy.' And now, it really can happen, you know what I mean?

It's an easy matchup to make with plenty of positives running in its favour, with the hometown link bringing an amicable feel, Quillin's eagerness and the fact that he also fights under Golden Boy Promotions (as well as Al Haymon) all working for the potential clash.

Quillin—who shares a trainer with Manny Pacquiao in Freddie Roach—is undefeated in his 31 career fixtures and, while not possessing the same ring as other stars around Mayweather's weight, could be an agreeable settlement in Money's eyes.

Mayweather could also look to poach the WBO middleweight title from his foe for his troubles, presenting the 37-year-old with a fixture of lesser risk but some very good rewards.


Marcos Maidana: Keith Thurman

Unless a rematch with Mayweather can be organised for September, Maidana has a number of options ahead of him, and in truth, Keith Thurman could fight either the Argentinian or Money in September.

Eric Gay/Associated Press

However, an alternative scenario is that Thurman and Maidana duel for the right to go up against the newly crowned, unified welterweight champion, a fight which may have come about several years ago.

Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated encourages the notion of both Maidana and Mayweather moving on to pastures new in terms of their lined-up opponents:

As things stand, "One Time" possesses a far cleaner record than "El Chino," winning 23 of his 24 fights—21 of which came by knockout—along with one no-contest.

Thurman has commented himself on how healthy the sport is around his weight class right now, telling iFL TV that he's ready to make some major moves in his career:

After performing so admirably against Mayweather, Maidana can afford to seek another star-billed bout, and as one of the welterweight class' biggest up-and-comers, Thurman would be precisely that.

After beating Julio Diaz, Thurman's reputation continues on an upward trajectory, but the 25-year-old still has to wait before he can embark on a mission against Mayweather, and a date with Maidana later this year would be an opportunistic proving ground for both contenders.