Atlanta Falcons Mock Draft: Final 2014 7 Round Predictions

Scott Carasik@ScottCarasikContributor IIMay 5, 2014

Atlanta Falcons Mock Draft: Final 2014 7 Round Predictions

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    The 2014 NFL draft is right around the corner and scenarios are starting to get finalized. The Atlanta Falcons have a situation that could potentially allow the franchise to bounce back to their winning ways of 2008-2012.

    They could potentially trade up for Jadeveon Clowney or Khalil Mack and really get someone to fix their pass-rushing woes. However, it’s tough to project trades in mock drafts, so this scenario will be based on the assumption that the Falcons do not trade up from their pick at No. 6 overall.

Round 1 (No. 6 Overall): OT Jake Matthews, Texas A&M

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    If the Falcons stay at No. 6, Jake Matthews should fall right into their waiting arms. He would be an instant upgrade for Atlanta at left tackle. Sam Baker has too many injury issues to be relied upon as the starting left tackle for the long term.

    The Falcons need to get the best situation up front to protect Matt Ryan.

    Baker would be a great reserve at either tackle spot, if the Falcons wanted to go that route with him. Matthews is a franchise left tackle just like his father Bruce. He’d be a cornerstone for the organization and one of the top tackles in the game for a long time.

    He’s very athletic despite not being known for his athletic profile. The addition of Matthews combined with the signing of Jon Asamoah and competition all across the front five would give Atlanta a much better line than what they had in 2013.


    Career Stats

    2013: 13 Games Started at Left Tackle

    2012: 13 Games Started at Right Tackle

    2011: 13 Games Started at Right Tackle

    2010: Seven Games Started, 10 Games Played at Right Tackle


    Combine/Pro Day Numbers

    Height: 6'5-1/2" Weight: 308 pounds

    Arm Length: 33-3/8" Hand Measurement: 9-7/8"

    40-yard dash: 5.07 sec. 10-yard split: 1.70 sec.

    20-yard shuttle: 4.47 sec. Three-cone Drill: 7.34 sec. Bench Reps: 24 reps

    Vertical Jump: 30.5" Broad Jump: 8'9"

Round 2 (No. 37 Overall): TE Jace Amaro, Texas Tech

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    Levine Toilolo definitely seems to be the starting tight end for the current Falcons roster. However, if Jace Amaro falls to No. 37, the Falcons could easily take him. They have shown quite a bit of interest in the Red Raider tight end by bringing him in for a visit and holding a private workout with him.

    Amaro isn’t the same kind of tight end that Toilolo or the recently signed Bear Pascoe are. He’s more of a joker-style TE who can lined up in the slot, out wide or as an H-back as opposed to being used as an in-line blocker.

    The Falcons would have to help Amaro improve his blocking, but he seems willing to do so. Adding Amaro would also make sense for the Falcons because they would be able to get rid of a fullback in their base offense for a second tight end.


    Career Stats

    2013: 13 Games Played, 106 Catches, 1,352 Yards, 7 Touchdowns, 2 Tackles

    2012: 7 Games Played, 25 Catches, 409 Yards, 4 Touchdowns 

    2011: 12 Games Played, 7 Catches, 57 Yards, 2 Touchdowns, 2 Tackles


    Combine/Pro Day Numbers

    Height6'5-3/8" Weight265 pounds

    Arm Length34" Hand Measurement9"

    40 yard dash: 4.60 sec. 10 yard split: 1.64 sec.

    20 yard shuttle: 4.30 sec. 3-cone Drill: 7.42 sec. Bench Reps28 reps

    Vertical Jump33.0" Broad Jump9'10"

Round 3 (No. 68 Overall): S Deone Bucannon, Washington State

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    After cutting Thomas DeCoud, the Falcons were left with a giant hole at free safety. They need someone who isn’t afraid to hit anyone over the middle but can also play the deep third and the robber zones that coordinator Mike Nolan loves his free safety to play.

    Deone Bucannon is arguably the best safety in the draft for what Atlanta needs. He’s able to cover deep and is more than willing to go after someone crossing into his zones over the middle. He’s also a solid tackler in run support.

    Ideally, Bucannon would form a bash brothers-style tandem in the backfield with William Moore. They both love to blow up players and could be an intimidating duo. To get a third-round pick who is able to start would also be amazing, and Bucannon can do that right away.


    Career Stats

    2013: 13 Games Played, 114 Tackles, 4.5 Tackles for Loss, 6 Interceptions, 3 Fumbles Forced, 1 Pass Deflection

    2012: 12 Games Played, 106 Tackles, 2.5 Tackles for Loss, 1.0 Sack, 4 Interceptions, 1 Fumble Forced, 4 Pass Deflections

    2011: 12 Games Played, 80 Tackles, 2.0 Tackles for Loss, 3 Interceptions, 1 Fumble Forced, 4 Pass Deflections, 1 Blocked Kick

    2010: 12 Games Played, 83 Tackles, 4.0 Tackles for Loss, 2 Interceptions, 1 Fumble Forced, 5 Pass Deflections


    Combine/Pro Day Numbers

    Height: 6'1" Weight: 211 pounds

    Arm Length: 32-3/8" Hand Measurement: 9-3/4"

    40-yard dash: 4.49 sec. 10-yard split: 1.54 sec.

    20-yard shuttle: 4.26 sec. 3-cone Drill: 6.96 sec. Bench Reps: 19 reps

    Vertical Jump: 36.5" Broad Jump: 10'5"


Round 4 (No. 103 Overall): RB Charles Sims, West Virginia

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    Steven Jackson is aging, and Jacquizz Rodgers isn’t anything more than a backup. Add in Jason Snelling’s retirement and Antone Smith being nothing more than a special teams player, and the Falcons really need a good running back for their long-term success.

    Charles Sims is a former University of Houston running back who can run, block and catch the ball effectively out of the backfield. Atlanta would love to have his versatility to spell Rodgers and Jackson, and it showed interest in him at the Senior Bowl.

    Sims would start out as nothing more than a third running back and special teams guy. But after a year or two, he could easily be the starter and workhorse for the Falcons offense. Worst-case scenario, Sims could replace what Snelling provided from 2008-2013.


    Career Stats

    2013: 12 Games Played, 208 Carries, 1,095 Yards, 11 Touchdowns, 45 Catches, 401 Yards, 3 Touchdowns, 4 Kick Returns, 53 Yards

    2012: 9 Games Played, 142 Carries, 846 Yards, 11 Touchdowns, 37 Catches, 373 Yards, 3 Touchdowns

    2011: 13 Games Played, 110 Carries, 821 Yards, 9 Touchdowns, 51 Catches, 575 Yards, 4 Touchdowns

    2010: Redshirted

    2009: 14 Games Played, 132 Carries, 698 Yards, 9 Touchdowns, 70 Catches, 759 Yards, 1 Touchdown


    Combine/Pro Day Numbers

    Height5'11-1/8" Weight214 pounds

    Arm Length31" Hand Measurement8-1/4"

    40 yard dash: 4.48 sec. 10 yard split: 1.56 sec.

    20 yard shuttle: 4.30 sec. 3-cone Drill: 7.16 sec. Bench Reps17 reps

    Vertical Jump37.5" Broad Jump10'6"

Round 4 (No. 139 Overall): DE/OLB Jackson Jeffcoat, Texas

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    The Falcons need someone to get after the quarterback. Jackson Jeffcoat has done very well doing that in college for Texas. The Longhorns multiple-front defense had him attacking the quarterback from both three- and two-point stances.

    Atlanta would ask him to do the exact same thing he did in Austin. Coordinator Mike Nolan has no issues moving his defensive ends and outside linebackers around to find the best way to pressure opposing quarterbacks.

    Jeffcoat could sit behind Kroy Biermann and Osi Umenyiora this year learning the scheme and how to be a professional. Then in 2015, he could start across from Jonathan Massaquoi and be a true force if he can put it all together.


    Career Stats

    2013: 13 Games Played, 82 Tackles, 19.0 Tackles for Loss, 13.0 Sacks, 15 QB Hurries, 1 Interception, 2 Fumbles Forced, 4 Pass Deflections, 1 Blocked Kick

    2012: 6 Games Played, 28 Tackles, 9.5 Tackles for Loss, 4.0 Sacks, 5 QB Hurries, 2 Fumbles Forced, 1 Pass Deflection

    2011: 13 Games Played, 63 Tackles, 17.0 Tackles for Loss, 8.0 Sacks, 7 QB Hurries, 3 Pass Deflections

    2010: 8 Games Played, 13 Tackles, 3.0 Tackles for Loss, 1.5 Sacks, 1 QB Hurry, 1 Pass Deflection


    Combine/Pro Day Numbers

    Height: 6'3" Weight: 247 pounds

    Arm Length: 33-7/8" Hand Measurement: 9-5/8"

    40-yard dash: 4.63 sec. 10-yard split: 1.60 sec.

    20-yard shuttle: 4.18 sec. 3-cone Drill: 6.97 sec. Bench Reps: 18 reps

    Vertical Jump: 36.0" Broad Jump: 10'3"

Round 5 (No. 147 Overall): DT Daniel McCullers, Tennessee

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    Atlanta brought in Paul Soliai to be the nose tackle on defense this year, but Soliai will play around only 35-40 percent of the defensive snaps. Atlanta needs to get someone to rotate with Soliai, preferably a player who’s very similar to the veteran interior lineman.

    Daniel McCullers is a great fit for the Falcons in this role, and at just 21 years old, he can truly learn how to play the position right. He’s got the kind of ridiculous size and strength that will allow him to take on double- and triple-teams effectively.

    The Falcons could also have a great goal-line defense with McCullers, Soliai, Tyson Jackson and Malliciah Goodman holding up against offensive linemen. Ideally, McCullers would become the next Soliai just in time for Soliai to retire.


    Career Stats

    2013: 12 Games Played, 33 Tackles, 4.5 Tackles for Loss, 0.5 Sacks, 4 QB Hurries, 1 Pass Deflection, 1 Blocked Kick

    2012: 12 Games Played, 39 Tackles, 5.5 Tackles for Loss, 1.0 Sacks, 2 QB Hurries, 1 Fumble Forced, 1 Pass Deflection, 1 Blocked Kick

    2011: Played at Georgia Military College

    2010Played at Georgia Military College


    Combine/Pro Day Numbers

    Height: 6'7" Weight352 pounds

    Arm Length36-5/8" Hand Measurement11"

    40 yard dash: 5.30 sec. 10 yard split: 1.92 sec.

    20 yard shuttle: 5.09 sec. 3-cone Drill: 7.99 sec. Bench Reps27 reps

    Vertical Jump23.0" Broad Jump8'3"

Round 6 (No. 182 Overall): LB Kevin Pierre-Louis, Boston College

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    Atlanta’s linebacker corps could use someone versatile enough to play anywhere in either the 3-4 or the 4-3. They have solid players who can do that in Joplo Bartu and Paul Worrilow. But adding Kevin Pierre-Louis from Boston College would be a huge upgrade for the depth at the position.

    He flies around the field and is a top-level athlete for the position. He’s also able to do something Atlanta linebackers haven’t been able to do in years—cover tight ends effectively enough that they aren’t going to destroy Atlanta’s chances at winning.


    Career Stats

    2013: 13 Games Played, 108 Tackles, 10.5 Tackles for Loss, 6.0 Sacks, 1 Interception, 1 Pass Deflection, 1 Defensive Touchdown

    2012: 9 Games Played, 85 Tackles, 4.0 Tackles for Loss, 2.0 Sacks, 3 Pass Deflections

    2011: 9 Games Played, 74 Tackles, 6.0 Tackles for Loss, 1 QB Hurry, 1 Fumble Forced, 1 Fumble Recovered, 4 Pass Deflections, 1 Defensive Touchdown

    2010: 13 Games Played, 93 Tackles, 2.5 Tackles for Loss, 3 Pass Deflections


    Combine/Pro Day Numbers

    Height: 6'0-1/2" Weight: 232 pounds

    Arm Length: 32-1/4" Hand Measurement: 10-1/8"

    40-yard dash: 4.51 sec. 10-yard split: 1.53 sec.

    20-yard shuttle: 4.02 sec. 3-cone Drill: 6.92 sec. Bench Reps: 28 reps

    Vertical Jump: 39.0" Broad Jump: 10'8"

Round 7 (No. 220 Overall): QB Connor Shaw, South Carolina

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    Dominique Davis and Sean Renfree aren’t going to be good enough long-term options as backup quarterbacks for the Falcons. Atlanta needs to take a look at South Carolina's Connor Shaw at this point in the draft.

    He’s from Flowery Branch and would be a perfect fit for the Atlanta offense should Matt Ryan go down. His terrific mobility would him to step in and play; he could buy more time than either Davis or Renfree in case the pocket starts to look like it did in 2013.


    Career Stats

    2013: 13 Games Played, 180-of-284 (63.4 percent), 2,447 Yards, 24 Touchdowns, 1 Interception, 154 Carries, 558 Yards, 6 Touchdowns, 1 Catches, 9 Yards, 1 Touchdown

    2012: 11 Games Played, 154-of-228 (67.5 percent), 1,956 Yards, 17 Touchdowns, 7 Interceptions, 131 Carries, 435 Yards, 3 Touchdowns

    2011: 10 Games Played, 123-of-188 (65.4 percent), 1,448 Yards, 14 Touchdowns, 6 Interceptions, 135 Carries, 525 Yards, 8 Touchdowns

    2010: 9 Games Played, 23-of-33 (69.7 percent), 223 Yards, 1 Touchdown, 2 Interceptions, 32 Carries, 165 Yards


    Combine/Pro Day Numbers

    Height6'0-3/8" Weight206 pounds

    Arm Length30" Hand Measurement9-1/4"

    40 yard dash: 4.66 sec. 10 yard split: 1.63 sec.

    20 yard shuttle: 4.33 sec. 3-cone Drill: 7.07 sec.

    Vertical Jump34.0" Broad Jump9'8"

Round 7 (No. 253 Overall): WR Solomon Patton, Florida

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    Atlanta always loves to bring in wide receivers in the late rounds to eventually play special teams. One of the guys that would make the most sense for them is Solomon Patton from Florida. The slot receiver is a top special teams player in this year’s draft.

    He’s someone who can provide value as both a gunner and a returner. He also has multiple blocked kicks during his career despite being just 5’8". He’s ridiculously fast and has potential to provide a solid option in the slot as well.


    Career Stats

    2013: 12 Games Played, 44 Catches, 556 Yards, 6 Touchdowns, 16 Carries, 71 Yards, 22 Kick Returns, 642 Yards, 1 Touchdown, 1 Tackle

    2012: 8 Games Played, 1 Catch, 17 Yards, 14 Carries, 140 Yards, 3 Tackles, 1 Fumble Forced

    2011: 13 Games Played, 3 Catches, 35 Yards, 1 Carry, 6 Yards, 1 Punt Return, 28 Yards, 10 Kick Returns, 241 Yards, 6 Tackles, 2 Blocked Kicks

    2010: 10 Games Played, 4 Catches, 27 Yards, 1 Punt Return, 56 Yards, 1 Touchdown, 7 Kick Returns, 196 Yards, 5 Tackles, 1 Blocked Kick


    Combine/Pro Day Numbers

    Height5'8-3/8" Weight179 pounds

    40 yard dash: 4.38 sec. 10 yard split: 1.52 sec.

    20 yard shuttle: 4.13 sec. 3-cone Drill: 7.02 sec. Bench Reps16 reps

    Vertical Jump: 33.0" Broad Jump10'0" 

Round 7 (No. 255 Overall): C/OG Corey Linsley, Ohio State

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    In late April, the Falcons went up to Ohio State to work out some of their offensive linemen. Corey Linsley can provide depth along Atlanta's offensive line, because he can slide in at either guard or center. He’s a bit undersized, but he does have good quickness.

    He’s also a smart player and understands how to properly call protections. For Atlanta, he would likely be nothing more than a quality reserve along the front, but at this point that’s all they need should they invest a pick in their a center or a guard.


    Career Stats

    2013: 14 Games Started at center

    201212 Games Started at center

    2011: 10 Games Played at guard and center as a reserve

    2010: 6 Games Played at guard and center as a reserve

    2009: Redshirted


    Combine/Pro Day Numbers

    Height: 6'3" Weight: 296 pounds

    Arm Length: 32" Hand Measurement: 9-7/8"

    40 yard dash: 5.03 sec. 10 yard split: 1.78 sec.

    20 yard shuttle: 4.53 sec. 3-cone Drill: 7.46 sec. Bench Reps: 36 reps

    Vertical Jump27.0" Broad Jump8'11"


    All stats used are either from Pro Football Focus' Premium Stats (subscription required), ESPN, CFBStats or the NFL. All combine and pro day info is courtesy NFL Draft Scout. All contract information is courtesy of Spotrac and Rotoworld.

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