WWE Extreme Rules 2014: Stars Who Failed to Deliver on Big Stage

Aaron BowerFeatured ColumnistMay 5, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

Extreme Rules 2014 is in the can, and the WWE put on a pretty decent show for the first pay-per-view after WrestleMania XXX.

The majority of the card managed to deliver, with some pretty exciting matches and a great contest throughout.

That makes it difficult to pick out some stars who failed to deliver, but in comparison to those who seriously excelled, there was a small handful who didn't quite live up to the hype that was promised heading into Extreme Rules.


Jack Swagger

Jack Swagger was very much in the background heading into this Triple Threat match—partly due to some bizarre booking from WWE.

A Swagger vs. Cesaro match would have been a great way to open Extreme Rules, with two men putting their bodies on the line and settling who was the better member of The Real Americans.

However, the company decided to throw Rob Van Dam into the mix at the last minute, a decision that certainly felt a bit rushed and mixed-up.

The popularity of Cesaro and Van Dam exposed Swagger's insignificance. The WWE will have to do something smart to keep the former World Heavyweight champion interesting and relevant in the coming months.



Daniel Bryan vs. Kane was a pretty decent match, it has to be said. This humble writer must refer to his original comments at the beginning of the article—the show was so good it is hard to pick out men who failed to deliver. But Kane makes the list, unfortunately.

In the weeks leading up to Extreme Rules, he had looked as good as he had in years. He was a ruthless monster who took his anger out on anyone that came into his sight.

The way the WWE incorporated Brie Bella into the rivalry was smart, and it made for an interesting subplot and boosted Kane's villainous profile.

However, the match at Extreme Rules was just too messy on occasions. It is difficult to see where Kane goes from here in all honesty. It's hard to imagine a rematch since Daniel Bryan is surely headed for bigger and better things.


Bray Wyatt

The hype and the storyline heading into John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt made it arguably the most compelling contest of the night at Extreme Rules.

Wyatt's strong and unique character had continued to grow in the weeks prior to the show—there is no heel like Bray Wyatt anywhere in professional wrestling.

He is not just a regular, average heel. He is twisted and demonic and cuts the most disturbing and brilliant promos you are likely to see.

Although Wyatt did win the contest, at times he was too far away from the character we have seen in the months previous. There was no destroyer, no twisted, crazy Bray. He was almost like any other heel the company has on its books.

Hopefully we will see Bray return to his usual self heading out of Extreme Rules.