Extreme Rules 2014: Best Spot from Each Match

Ricardo Cruz@@rcruz151Contributor IIIMay 5, 2014

Extreme Rules 2014: Best Spot from Each Match

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    This was a great and entertaining pay-per-view. The crowd was into each match, and they were always cheering.

    Every match had a number of different memorable moments, but one spot stood out the most in each.

    Here are the best spots from each match from Extreme Rules 2014. What were your favorite moments?

El Torito vs. Hornswoggle

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    This may be the best pre-show match the WWE has put on. For a match that was supposed to be a complete joke, there were actually quite a few exciting moments.

    With all of the mini tables, ladders and chairs, the one moment that stood out the most was Hornswoggle's flying elbow onto El Torito through the mini announcers table.

    Once we saw the announcers table, I think we all knew something was going to happen to it. 

    Honorable Mention: El Torito sends Jinder Mahal and Los Matadores through tables and ladders.

Cesaro vs. Jack Swagger vs. Rob Van Dam

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    We already knew how strong Cesaro is. Lifting up Big Show and throwing him over the top rope at Wrestlemania XXX proved that.

    People knew that Cesaro would show some feat of strength in this match, and he did not disappoint.

    His superplex of Swagger from the mat over the ropes was just incredible. Sure, he had done this to him before, but it shows just how incredibly strong he is.

    Honorable Mention: Swagger tossing RVD from the turnbuckle into the Patriot Lock

Alexander Rusev vs. R-Truth and Xavier Woods

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    In typical squash match fashion, Rusev destroyed Woods and R-Truth.

    This match didn't have too many great spots. If I had to choose a spot, it might be Rusev throwing Woods around outside of the ring. 

    The match did exactly what it needed to do to continue Rusev's dominance in the ring. Nothing too exciting.

    Honorable Mention: None

Bad News Barrett vs. Big E

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    This was a good match between Big E and Barrett. Both wrestlers went back and forth in a pretty physical match.

    Having Barrett win is going to do a lot for his character and to get his career back on track.

    The spot of the match came when Barrett was standing on the outside of the ropes. Big E came running off of the ropes and looked as if he was just going to knock Barrett off, but he showed off his athleticism by spearing Barrett through the ropes. Both wrestlers came crashing outside, and it got a big reaction from the crowd.

    Honorable Mention: Barrett's flying Bull Hammer to pick up the win

Evolution vs. The Shield

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    What an incredible match. This was easily one of the best matches of the year.

    There were so many great spots from this match to choose from. Seth Rollins is just incredible. He was flying everywhere in the match, even knocking people into the barrier.

    When he stopped a Batista Bomb with his flying knee off the ropes, I thought that would be the best moment of the match. Then Dean Ambrose ran across both announcers tables and flew right into Triple H and Randy Orton.

    Who knew that Rollins would follow that up with one final moment? With HHH and Orton giving a beatdown to Ambrose, Rollins climbed into the stands and delivered a flying cross body of a railing onto the three men below.

    This was one of the hardest spots to choose from because there were plenty that could have been chosen.

    Honorable Mention: Dean Ambrose running across both announcers tables to take out HHH and Orton

    Bonus Honorable Mention: The camera guy falling

Bray Wyatt vs. John Cena

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    Cena and Wyatt had a good cage match. I think it was everything that we thought it would be. For a cage match, it surprisingly didn't have many high-risk moves.

    While I wasn't expecting dives from the top of the cage from Cena and Wyatt, they still could have done a little bit more.

    The best spot might have been Cena's Attitude Adjustment of Wyatt off the turnbuckle. 

    Honorable Mention: Cena's flying leg drop on Luke Harper

Paige vs. Tamina

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    This was a well-worked match between the two. Paige got the upper hand early by using her quickness to counter Tamina's power.

    But Tamina found an opportunity and was able to slow Paige down by using a superkick to knock her off the top rope.

    After more back-and-forth action, Paige sent Tamina and herself sprawling out of the ring. Paige looked to set Tamina up for a Hurricanrana, when Tamina caught Paige and swung her into the barrier for the best spot of the match.

    Paige, however, would be able to counter Tamina's strength and defend her title with a submission victory.

    Honorable Mention: Paige reverses Tamina's superkick into the Scorpion Crosslock. 

Daniel Bryan vs. Kane

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    What a great way to end Extreme Rules. It was great to see Kane and Daniel Bryan finally get to continue their feud from before they became a tag team.

    This was another match that had a lot of amazing moments.

    Bryan got the crowd on its feet when he climbed on a forklift and hit Kane with a diving headbutt.

    But it was Kane who earned the moment of the match. After escaping the Yes Lock, Bryan was about to hit Kane with a suicide dive when Kane caught him in midair and chokeslammed him through the announcers table.

    Honorable Mention: Daniel Bryan's diving headbutt off of a forklift