Collazo vs. Khan: Fight with Floyd Mayweather Should Be Next Step for King Khan

Joseph ZuckerFeatured ColumnistMay 4, 2014

Eric Jamison/Associated Press

Amir Khan may be seeing dollar signs in his next fight.

Khan picked up a decisive victory over Luis Collazo on Saturday night, with the judges scoring it 117-106, 119-104 and 117-106, per Yahoo Sports' Kevin Iole:

LAS VEGAS, NV - MAY 03:  Amir Khan in the ring while taking on Luis Collazo during their welterweight bout at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 3, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
Harry How/Getty Images

That win begs the question, has "King Khan" finally wrapped up that fight with Floyd "Money" Mayweather he's been pushing for for so long?

He would certainly seem next in line.

Khan, along with Marcos Maidana was in a fan poll devised by Mayweather to determine whom he would fight next. Despite Khan actually winning the poll, Maidana ended up taking on Money.

You could understand why Mayweather wanted to face El Chino, with plenty of question marks surrounding Khan heading into his fight with Collazo. But now King Khan has proved his worth and should be one of the top contenders vying to take on the unbeaten champion.

We'll leave aside Manny Pacquiao, because at this point nobody should be under the belief that that fight will actually happen. Keith Thurman could be another choice, but the more casual fan might be unaware of his body of work.

That leaves one man.

Khan is confident that it could generate plenty of interest.

"Definitely, people want to see that fight between me and Floyd," he said, per BBC Sport.

And more than that, Khan believes that he'd give Mayweather a great fight:

He is getting older and showing a lot of mistakes that he didn't used to do. It is a great time to catch him. Floyd looks beatable. A lot of people want the fight now because they want a young lion to come up and they want to see him get beat. The only person who has the chance to do that is me.

There are a couple of road blocks to a potential Khan-Mayweather fight.

The first is that Khan wouldn't be able to fight in September. He said that with Ramadan in the summer, he couldn't get ready on time for such a big fight, per's David Mayo:

I can't take that fight. I need a couple of months to work on my strength and conditioning.


If Floyd wants to fight in November sometime, if it can't be done in September, then I'm happy for November. If not, then it'll have to happen in the future. If it never happens, everyone will have to just think, 'What would have happened if (Khan) had fought Floyd?'

If Khan is to take on Mayweather, it would have to be in May 2015 at the earliest, unless he's going to break his Ramadan rule.

The other problem with Killer Khan is that he simply isn't thrilling in the ring. Although he dominated Collazo on Saturday night, he never went in for the kill. He remained content to earn the points victory.

As The Guardian's Kevin Mitchell wrote:

While there was little to criticise and much to applaud about Khan's clinical win on Saturday night, the fight was short on the sort of drama that had crowds edging forward in the past. When Khan might have gone for a stoppage towards the end after knocking Collazo down and building up a big lead, he could not find the single-shot power at the higher weight to put away an opponent almost begging to be hit, hands down and his back on the ropes. That is at least a minor concern because, as Ricky Hatton, who edged a win over Collazo eight years ago, told him beforehand, it is tougher physically one weight up.

One of the biggest problems with boxing today is that the sport is so bereft of major stars that fans have to watch the same five or six guys fighting one another on every major pay-per-view.

The hype machine is already gaining ground for a potential Mayweather-Maidana rematch.

At least Khan would be somebody different, and he would likely come after Mayweather-Maidana II, should that happen in September.

Plus, maybe he gets Mayweather at the right time. Maybe he's the guy to take the unbeaten champ down.

A year is a while away, and Money may not be the same come next May. Khan's only 27, so he's in the prime of his career, whereas Mayweather is on the decline, albeit very slightly.

While Khan isn't the most sexy opponent for Money down the line, he has done enough to earn a shot at the champ.