Why Sheamus Is Being Booked Perfectly by WWE Creative Since His Return

Dustin MurrellSenior Analyst IMay 4, 2014

Sheamus has put Bray and the Wyatts over in recent weeks.
Sheamus has put Bray and the Wyatts over in recent weeks.Image credit: WWE.com

The Internet wrestling community loves to complain about WWE Creative and its booking decisions. I'll be the first to admit that I do my fair share of ranting about it. But lately, I haven't had a lot of complaints. Sure, I hated that Batista won the Royal Rumble. Sure, I hate that WWE has been burying guys like Dolph Ziggler and Damien Sandow. But for the most part, the company has been on top of things lately.

I think the writers deserve a hardy kudos for their recent work with Sheamus.

Finding a good role for a guy like Sheamus can be difficult. He's a former WWE champion and former World Heavyweight champion. But the last time he held one of those titles was October of 2012, when Big Show defeated the Celtic Warrior at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view.

So what do you do with a guy like Sheamus? Given his past accomplishments and sustained fanbase (with the younger portion of the WWE Universe, at the very least), he should still be considered a top-tier Superstar. But the main event scene is pretty crowded right now.

At Extreme Rules, WWE has booked a triple main event. The World Heavyweight champion is defending his title—and is still involved in a side-feud with The Authority. Three of the biggest names in the last decade are involved in a six-man tag match against the company's biggest up-and-comers. And the biggest name in the industry will be stuck in a cage with the fastest-growing trend in professional wrestling today.

So what do the writers have Sheamus doing? Exactly what an established performer such as Sheamus should be doing: putting over younger talent without diminishing his own persona.

Sheamus made his return from injury at the Royal Rumble. Showing that he's still an elite performer, he entered at No. 17 and lasted until the final three; he was eliminated by up-and-comer Roman Reigns.

The following month, he was part of the Elimination Chamber main event, where Sheamus, who was the No. 1 entrant, did an outstanding job of putting over Cesaro, who entered at No. 2.

At WrestleMania, he was one of the final four competitors in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, which was eventually won by the "King of Swing" Cesaro.

Following WrestleMania, Sheamus was involved in the tournament to determine the No. 1 contender for the Intercontinental Championship. In a tournament in which any of the eight competitors would make a very believable IC champ, Sheamus defeated Jack Swagger before putting over Bad News Barrett, the eventual winner of the tournament. Barrett, who has been on a big push for months, looked really solid in his match with the Great White.

Then, on the April 22 edition of Main Event and the April 28 edition of Raw, Sheamus faced Titus O'Neal, who is receiving the first real singles push of his career. Although Sheamus came away with the victory both times, Titus dominated much of their time in the ring together, coming away looking as strong as ever.

On the April 29 edition of Main Event, Sheamus put over Bray Wyatt and teamed up with The Usos to put over the Wyatt Family on the most recent edition of SmackDown.

Now, as I watch the Extreme Rules pre-show on the WWE Network, Sheamus has been given "expert panel" duty. WWE may not have room for him on this PPV, but it's keeping his name and face visible before his rumored heel turn, according to F4Wonline.com (via Lords of Pain).

Someone who has experienced the success that Sheamus has had in the past could be upset with his current role. But Sheamus seems to understand the rules of the game, knowing that the business is circular, and you can't always be the king of the hill.

Hopefully, when his next push begins, Sheamus and WWE Creative are rewarded with successful results for the good work they've been doing since his return.