Best Feuds for Bo Dallas' Debut

Ricardo Cruz@@rcruz151Contributor IIIMay 4, 2014

Best Feuds for Bo Dallas' Debut

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    With the re-debut of Bo Dallas quickly coming up, the former NXT champion will look to make his second run more successful.

    He can do that by immediately engaging in a feud with an established midcard star. But who should that person be?

    There is plenty of talent that could be used to put Dallas over. Here are five choices who have held championship gold at one point and would give Bo Dallas a recognizable name to start his second stint with.

Dolph Ziggler

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    Dolph Ziggler is one of the hardest working wrestlers in the business. He is one of the best at selling his opponents' moves. Since losing the World Heavyweight Championship to Alberto Del Rio at Payback last year, he has not been in a meaningful feud.

    A feud with Dallas would put Ziggler back into a program that could produce some entertaining matches (not to mention the war of words the two could have on the mic).

    Ziggler has a history of being used to help put over other talent, so it would be a logical choice for Ziggler to continue that with Dallas.

Kofi Kingston

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    Another former champion, Kofi Kingston would be a big-name midcard foe who could help Bo Dallas.

    Kingston has put on some great matches but is in the same boat as Ziggler. Since losing the Intercontinental Championship, Kingston has fallen in the WWE ranks.

    A program with Dallas would give Kingston more air time while also helping put Dallas over as a heel.

    Some people forgot about the feud that Kingston and Randy Orton produced. If he can bring some of that intensity to a feud with Dallas, it would help both men in their careers.



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    A feud with R-Truth would more than likely be used in the same way WWE is using Truth with Alexander Rusev.

    This pairing would give Dallas an opportunity to show off his motivational speaker gimmick.

    Watching R-Truth and Dallas get into a verbal confrontation would be entertaining.

    Truth would be a good mid-level star to start with before Dallas moved up to a Ziggler or Kingston. He would be a great first opponent and would allow Dallas to properly introduce his character to the WWE Universe.

Rey Mysterio

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    With Rey Mysterio getting older and coming closer to the end of his career, his role in the company has been relegated to gatekeeper.

    Even though he is older, Mysterio is still capable of putting together good matches.

    His matches against Bad News Barrett were good and helped get Barrett over. Mysterio is still a big-name star and would be a great veteran to work with Dallas.

    Dallas would get the opportunity to work a hardened veteran who could help improve his in-ring skills.

Rob Van Dam

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    RVD, like Mysterio, has turned into something of a gatekeeper.

    While he is older, RVD can still wrestle and is a huge fan favorite.

    What may keep this feud from happening is if RVD continues to stay in a program with Cesaro and/or Jack Swagger.

    If he doesn't, a feud with Dallas would keep RVD relevant. It would be a benefit for both wrestlers. It is another longtime veteran for Dallas to work with, and it is yet another former world champion that would give him credit right away.


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    With many of the midcard stars currently without a program, the WWE has plenty of choices for Dallas.

    Dallas needs to have a better start to his run on the main roster than he had previously. His new gimmick is a good start, but a good feud can do wonders for a newcomer.

    Whom do you think would be a good first feud for the second stint of Bo Dallas?