Floyd Mayweather vs. Marcos Maidana: Recap, Analysis and Twitter Reaction

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Floyd Mayweather vs. Marcos Maidana: Recap, Analysis and Twitter Reaction
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Many wondered what would happen if Floyd Mayweather were to find himself in an uncomfortable position, and it turns out he responds the same as every other situation. 

With a win. 

Marcos Maidana turned Saturday's main event into a rugged brawl, giving one of the greatest pound-for-pound fighters in history his most difficult test in years while cutting him above the eye in the fourth round, but Money was able to push through and leave the MGM Grand with his 46th consecutive victory. 

Sports Illustrated's Bryan Armen Graham gives a look at the judges' final scoring:  

The back-and-forth nature of the fight, which left many unsure of the outcome before the judges announced the victor, will invoke talk of a rematch, and both boxers sounded on board during their post-fight interviews:

Legend Muhammad Ali, meanwhile, isn't nearly as interested in a rematch:

Maidana came out firing.

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Refusing to be held or let Mayweather's defense slow him down, the Argentine threw everything he had at the champ, attempting an astonishing 100 punches in the first round, per Yahoo Sports' Kevin Iole

While not much connected, Showtime Sports' trio of judges gave the round to Maidana

Maidana continued to brawl at a frenetic, relentless pace, while Mayweather picked his spots, countering and picking apart the challenger to take the next couple of rounds. 

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As El Chino continued to push on, however, he was able to cut Money above his right eye, as Sports Illustrated's Chris Mannix noted: 

The next couple of rounds continued to follow a similar path, with Maidana turning it into a dogfight on the ropes and battling to the best of his ability. Many, such as ESPN's Brian Campbell, seemed torn through the first half of the fight: 

Money began to find his rhythm in the seventh, though. 

As Maidana predictably saw his wild pace start to tail off, Mayweather began to figure out his timing, displaying a beautiful exhibition of speed and counterpunching.

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Still, as the champion started to gain control, Maidana didn't go away. He continued to push on, and even when Mayweather landed some big shots, Chino displayed an impressive chin, as Iole noted:  

Money was able to do enough in the final couple of rounds to assure himself another victory, but it was never really a guarantee until it was official.

Maidana dolled out his share of shots to whom many believe is the greatest defensive fighter of all time, as Mannix pointed out:

Although the bout got a little dirty at times, it would be wrong to discredit either fighter after this one. 

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Maidana, a major underdog, came forth with an effort of a lifetime, dragging Mayweather into the trenches and giving the champion a really difficult fight he likely wasn't expecting.

Even though he came up just short, El Chino proved that he is deserving of a rematch.

As for Mayweather, he was given one of the most difficult tests of his legendary career and walked away 46-0.

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Perhaps he's not as untouchable as everyone thought after his win over Saul "Canelo" Alvarez, but it's still going to take a transcendent performance to knock him off his undefeated pedestal. 

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