Stanley Cup Playoffs 2014: Latest Bracket, Schedule and Odds for Round 2

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Stanley Cup Playoffs 2014: Latest Bracket, Schedule and Odds for Round 2
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Round 1 of the 2014 Stanley Cup playoffs certainly provided hockey fans with the kind of action you'd like to see in the postseason. Now the remaining contenders have started making Round 2 just as memorable. 

With the defending champion Chicago Blackhawks and three of the No. 1 seeds still on the hunt for Lord Stanley's Cup, there's plenty of star power remaining in the field. 

Here's a look at the remaining schedule for the four series as well as an updated look at every team's title chances. 

Game Matchup Date Time (ET) TV
1 Canadiens at Bruins May 1 Canadiens 4 Bruins 3 Canadiens 1-0
2 Canadiens at Bruins May 3 Bruins 5 Canadiens 3 Series tied 1-1
3 Bruins at Canadiens May 6 7 p.m. NBCSN
4 Bruins at Canadiens May 8 7:30 p.m. NBCSN
5* Canadiens at Bruins May 10 TBD TBD
6* Bruins at Canadiens May 12 TBD TBD
7* Canadiens at Bruins May 14 TBD TBD
Game Matchup Date Time (ET) TV
1 Rangers at Penguins May 2 Rangers 3 Penguins 2 Rangers 1-0
2 Rangers at Penguins May 4 7:30 p.m. NBCSN
3 Penguins at Rangers May 5 7:30 p.m. NBCSN
4 Penguins at Rangers May 7 7:30 p.m. NBCSN
5* Rangers at Penguins May 9 TBD TBD
6* Penguins at Rangers May 11 TBD TBD
7* Rangers at Penguins May 13 TBD TBD
Game Matchup Date Time (ET) TV
1 Wild at Blackhawks May 2 Blackhawks 5 Wild 2 Blackhawks 1-0
2 Wild at Blackhawks May 4 3 p.m. NBC
3 Blackhawks at Wild May 6 9 p.m. CNBC
4 Blackhawks at Wild May 9 TBD TBD
5* Wild at Blackhawks May 11 TBD TBD
6* Blackhawks at Wild May 13 TBD TBD
7* Wild at Blackhawks May 15 TBD TBD
Game Matchup Date Time (ET) TV
1 Kings at Ducks May 3 Kings 3 Ducks 2 Kings 1-0
2 Kings at Ducks May 5 10 p.m. NBCSN
3 Ducks at Kings May 8 10 p.m. NBCSN
4 Ducks at Kings May 10 TBD TBD
5* Kings at Ducks May 12 TBD TBD
6* Ducks at Kings May 14 TBD TBD
7* Kings at Ducks May 16 TBD TBD; *Denotes if necessary

With a full first round and parts of the second round in the books, the title picture is becoming more clear. As a result, the oddsmakers in Las Vegas are continually adjusting the odds to reflect who has the best shot at raising the Cup when it's all said and done. 

Here's a look at the latest odds for the field via Odds Shark

2014 Stanley Cup Odds
Team Odds
Boston Bruins +303
Chicago Blackhawks +303
Anaheim Ducks +605
Montreal Canadiens +655
Los Angeles Kings +705
Pittsburgh Penguins +755
New York Rangers +810
Minnesota Wild +2550 as of May 3

The Favorites: Stanley Cup Rematch?


If the odds are any indication, all of the exciting, overtime-laden hockey that fans have been treated to could culminate in a Stanley Cup Final rematch between the Chicago Blackhawks and Boston Bruins. 

Both teams have the best odds to win the tournament this year. Both have proven that they have the tenacity and experience to survive the battle of attrition that is the Stanley Cup playoffs with their stellar performances last season.

So it stands to reason that even though we are still weeks and rounds away from the final, you can't help but feel these two teams are already sizing each other up:

Should both teams continue their recent hot streaks and make it to the final there won't be much complaining from fans. The six-game series gave fans five overtimes' worth of action as the Blackhawks got the final say in a memorable Game 6. 

Interesting Dark Horse: Anaheim Ducks

Jeff Gross/Getty Images

If the regular season meant anything to oddsmakers, it would seem that the Ducks are being severely undersold as a Stanley Cup contender. However, their 116-point regular season has very little to do with their surprisingly long odds at winning the Cup. 

That would be most likely be due to their season-long record against the Blackhawks. They went 0-3 against the Western Conference favorites and lost the last two encounters by two goals apiece. 

Their record against the Kings, however, is one that should have fans relaxed after losing Game 1 in Anaheim:

Looking at how the Ducks' top stars have played in the postseason provides evidence they are prepared to take on the Blackhawks, though. 

At a time in the season where strong goalie play can mean all the difference, a switch to Jonas Hiller may be just what the Ducks need to get over the hump. In his limited time on the ice for the Ducks, he is tied for the playoff lead in save percentage for goalies with more than one appearance at .939. 

On the offensive side of things Ryan Getzlaf has emerged as a dependable playoff playmaker. Fresh off the announcement that he's a Hart Trophy finalist he's ranked fifth in the league in playoff points with nine. 

With a track record of beating the team they are playing in the conference semifinal and a goalie with the potential to catch fire as the playoffs progress, the Ducks just might be the team to ruin the Stanley Cup Final that most are expecting at this point. 

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