Captain Morgan Reportedly Willing to Match Triple Crown Earnings for Offspring

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistMay 3, 2014

The field comes out of the gate to start the 140th running of the Kentucky Oaks at Churchill Downs on May 2, 2014 in Louisville, Kentucky.
Rob Carr/Getty Images

Whichever horse wins the Kentucky Derby on Saturday will certainly have the attention of Captain Morgan.

The brand is reportedly looking for the best horse in the world for the Captain, so it will be watching the Triple Crown races very closely. 

According to, if a horse is able to win the Triple Crown, Captain Morgan will offer to match the horse's earnings in exchange for the horse's offspring. Here are some details to the deal:

If the owner agrees to the exchange, Captain Morgan will match the horse's Triple Crown earningstotaling more than $3 million. As the owner, Captain Morgan will look to its crew of followers to be a part of the foal's journey. Acting as owner and managing director of the foal, the brand will one day look to turn over the horse's shares to its fans.

If the owner accepts the deal, naming rights to the horse must be handed over to the brand. The horse will then reportedly be renamed "Captain's Cola."

After the Kentucky Derby runs on Saturday, there will be two more races as one horse chases the Triple Crown. The Preakness Stakes will run on May 17, and the Belmont Stakes will be held on June 7.

It's certainly an unusual offer, but Captain Morgan is only interested in the best horse—and its offspring.