Barcelona 2-2 Getafe: 6 Things We Learned

Tre' AtkinsonFeatured ColumnistMay 3, 2014

Barcelona 2-2 Getafe: 6 Things We Learned

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    It was not a good night for Barcelona, as the Catalans conceded a late equalizer at the Camp Nou to finish 2-2 with visitors Getafe. The result all but ended the club's title chance, but it was a massive point for Getafe.

    Lionel Messi opened up the score in the first half before Angel Lafita was able to equalize with a controversial strike. Alexis Sanchez did put the Catalans back in front, but Lafita would silence the crowd again.

    Barcelona now trail the top of the table by three points, but with leaders Atletico Madrid still to play this weekend and only two matches left in the season, it may all be over for La Blaugrana.

    In this article, we will take a look at six things we learned from the shocking result at the Camp Nou, so be sure to get involved in the discussion below!

Pedro Is Still Missing

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    The attacking trio of Pedro, Alexis Sanchez and Lionel Messi has worked wonders this year for the most part, but lately that has little to do with Pedro.

    The 26-year-old has only managed to score one goal in his last 10 matches and is visibly struggling. On Saturday night, he was arguably the worst player on the pitch from both clubs and did not have an impact on the game.

    He may have gotten off five shots against Getafe, but every chance either missed the goal completely or was sent straight at the keeper. 

    In truth, it is growing apparent that Pedro is in a bad run of form these last few months and has not been himself. Not only has he been struggling to get involved in the attack, but his ability to track back has not been the same either.

    Manager Gerardo Martino waited until the end of the game to bring on Cristian Tello for Pedro, but fans can only wonder what would have happened if that move had been made earlier.

Getafe Know How to Utilize Space

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    No matter how badly Getafe have been playing this season, they may very well be one of the best clubs when it comes to utilizing space.

    Manager Cosmin Contra always seem to build his lineups around getting players wide and putting the ball through the middle, and it paid off against Barcelona. The visitors looked for every hole in Barcelona's back line and could have won the game, if not for a few good stops and Jose Pinto.

    Several times in the second half, Pablo Sarabia found a hole at the back and drifted into the box unmarked. From the outside looking in, it seemed as though the Barcelona defense had just given up, but in truth that is what Getafe do best.

    When it comes down to it, Getafe's ability to pull players out of position is perfect for playing against Barcelona. It allowed the visitors to get more chances and arguably saved their season.

Low Balls into the Box Pay off for Barcelona

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    Fans have grown tired of the constant crossing from the likes of Dani Alves, and many have even begun to question why Barcelona are looking to play the ball in the air. For a team that thrives on keeping the ball on the ground, it doesn't make sense to keep sending in crosses.

    On Saturday night, it was yet another game full of crosses from both sides of the box. Early on, it looked as though it would be another one match that might go better without playing in the air, which was exactly the case.

    Other than a cross that Alexis Sanchez sent off the post and a chip from Messi to Alves, the Catalans struggled trying to create an aerial game.

    Barcelona have always kept the ball on the grass and only send in crosses that stay low, which is how they opened up the scoring.

    Surprisingly, in the 23rd minute, Alves actually played the ball low into the box, which Messi was easily able to put past the Getafe keeper. Had the Catalans been looking for those passes these last few months, some games might have ended differently.

Lafita May Have Just Saved Getafe's Season

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    Angel Lafita has only been wearing the Getafe shirt since 2012, but he may have become one of the fan favorites after his spectacular performance against Barcelona.

    The 29-year-old scored a wonderful strike in the first half to pull the score level and then scored another equalizer in stoppage time to earn Getafe a point at the Camp Nou, a feat that is very difficult to accomplish.

    The brace did not just see the club draw with Barcelona—it may have saved the entire season. 

    Getafe are in a deep battle with relegation at the moment and needed points this weekend. With Almeria facing Real Betis and many expecting Getafe to lose, it seemed as though the Azulones would be back in the bottom three. Instead, they may have given themselves the cushion they need to stay in the Primera next season.

    Getafe sit 16th in the table after their draw but will have to remain cautious, as they would lose the tiebreaker with any club in the bottom three.

Barcelona's Title Hopes Are Gone

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    As the fans piled out of the Camp Nou, and the players walked off the pitch, everyone was thinking the same thing—it is all over.

    Barcelona came into this weekend four points behind leaders Atletico Madrid and with only nine points left to play for. With a draw, they only made up one point, which will likely not be enough.

    Atletico Madrid will be in action on Sunday against Levante and would take a six-point lead over Barcelona with a win. With only six points left to play for after this weekend, Barcelona can now accept the grim fact that they won't be lifting the La Liga trophy at the end of this month.

    Anything can happen in football. Atletico Madrid could drop points, allowing Barcelona the chance to continue fighting for the title, but at this point that seems unlikely. The Catalans have some hope left, but it may be time for fans to accept the inevitable.

Getafe's Late Equalizer Perfectly Sums Up Barcelona's Season

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    As Barcelona watched Getafe's late equalizer, they also saw their season ending. After many months of fighting, injuries, drama, success and big wins, the Catalans will likely end their campaign without a major trophy.

    The way the match at the Camp Nou ended on Saturday was a perfect representation of their season. 

    There were times of brilliance and moments of struggle, but ultimately there was a lot of disappointment. For a club like Barcelona, finishing the season without a trophy is a hard pill to swallow.

    It doesn't feel right.

    The club will need to make several changes this summer, and it finally seems as though the board realizes it as well. Maybe a season of struggle was needed—perhaps this is what it took to wake up the Barcelona board.

    When it comes down to it, Barcelona were missing something this season. No matter how good the players were, there was an absence of passion and desire that must be brought back soon.

    This isn't the end of FC Barcelona, but it is time to reflect and look for ways to fix several problems. This summer may be one of the most important times in the club's history.


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    What did you learn from Barcelona's draw? Has their season been a disappointment? What must be done to fix the issues? Leave your thoughts and comments below!