Bryan vs. Kane: Examining Stephanie McMahon's Potential Role in Title Match

Erik BeastonFeatured ColumnistMay 3, 2014


Stephanie McMahon has unleashed the Big Red Monster, and Sunday night at Extreme Rules, Kane will please his boss by taking the WWE World Heavyweight Championship from Daniel Bryan in one of the most emotionally charged bouts on the card.

One of the principal owners of the company, Stephanie has seemingly made it her mission in life to ensure that Bryan's reign as champion is a short one. She berated Kane and motivated him to rediscover his inner monster. She is responsible for reintroducing the WWE Universe to the Devil's Favorite Demon and whatever chaos and destruction he causes.

It is no secret that her claims of concern for Bryan and Brie Bella in the wake of Kane's brutal assault on the champion were completely disingenuous. She orchestrated the entire ordeal, and her cries for Kane to stop were actually verbal cues for him to continue to let loose with his unbridled violence and aggression.

The manner in which she knowingly threw Brie in harm's way Monday night on Raw only supported the idea that she is doing everything in her power to rattle Bryan, physically and mentally, heading into his title match.

For that reason, Stephanie almost has to get involved in the main event bout between her own personal monster and the man she so desperately wants away from the top prize in the industry. 

Ideally, she will try to interject herself in the action, only for Brie Bella to appear and prevent her from doing so. It would play perfectly into the story that has been told over the last month and would potentially result in a high-profile program between Bella and the boss.


The other option would play out similar to how WrestleMania's main event did, with Stephanie coming to the ring to interfere and Bryan managing to overcome the odds and win the match. That would keep the focus on Bryan but, at the same time, would also look mighty similar to something fans have already seen.

Regardless of how she gets involved, she must do so in order to properly pay off the entire program. More so than Kane, she has been the driving force behind Bryan's torment, and should she not be present for the match, it would greatly diminish its effect.

The best heel in all of professional wrestling, Stephanie is a true asset in front of the camera for WWE. Using her as much as possible, in roles that make sense and fit the story, will only benefit the product in the short and long term.